Thursday, September 23, 2004

...leav’in on a jet plane...
This is it gentle reader, Folsom is here! All the preparations are done, bags packed, meetings made and parties planed. I’ll be in San Francisco till Wednesday 9/29. I am not bringing my laptop with me, no room for it amongst all the rope and fetish wear, so there will be no updates till then.

I know I know, no updates for five whole days. But fear not my friends! For when I return we will have many stories to tell. This weekend is jam packed with things to talk about. Here is just a teaser,
In the next 5 days I will:
1) Deliver a custom rope order to Midori (and she is taking Silk & I to lunch!)
2) Meet with the delightfully warped folks at and start supplying them with lots and lots of rope.
3) Press the flesh with the owners of some of the hottest sex shops in the country.
4) Watch Bridgette smoke the competition at the Club Shibari
5) Sell a shitload of rope.
6) Stand back and enjoy the madness that is the Folsom Street Fair as 10,000 kinksters invade 3 city blocks
7) Spend 2 days alone with my Tambo, sipping tea and looking for fun places to kiss.

Oh yeah and on Friday, while all the girls are off at a Women’s only masquerade. I’m taking Galahad and Kreig out to cruise the Castro.

See you in 5 days.