Thursday, January 26, 2006

Oh man, way too busy for words right now. Sorry for the lack of updates, but things have been more hectic than usual. I know, I know it is sorta anti-climactic to write a manifesto about staying true to your ideals and writing what you believe in, only to not write much of anything. No, the ideals are still firmly in place, just the time required to stop, focus and put word to page has been pretty scarce this week. Between spending today helping Nerdy move, helping Dancer move this weekend, perfecting next months top secret color of the month and end of year accounting stuff I’m flat out swamped.

The Janesguide.Com column is still in the works…patience.

So till I get a minute free to breathe and focus my thoughts, enjoy Graydancer’s new rope weekly podcast. (You can listen to it free by clicking on the banner graphic along the right side of this page or by going here) Also, there are only a few days left to take advantage of our sale on 8MM rope. Sale ends on the 31st so don’t wait go buy some rope now!

And one parting thought before I dash off to join Dancer for a little late night, pre-move horizontal groove. I’ve always had a theme song. Some rock tune that at a particular time in my life sorta summed up who I was and where I was at the time. Of course times, just like people, change so that theme music changes too. Over the course of my thirty odd years on this planet I’ve had a lot of different songs. There was…
“The Real Me” The Who
“Living in Overdrive” Kings of the Sun
“Young Lions” Adrian Belew
“Stand and Deliver” Adam Ant
“Float On” Modest Mouse
Recently, I’m not too sure just what my theme music would sound like save for the simple fact that it would be driven and un-flinching.

A quick check of the I-pod tells me that “Mob Scene” by Marilyn Manson is currently ranked as my most played song…hmm

What have your theme songs been?