Tuesday, September 19, 2006

I love taking new people to Folsom every year
Much like when my older friends took me for the first time to see The Rocky Horror Picture Show back in high school, there is a part of me that feels honor bound to share this glorious madness with others. Now part of the joy of being a vendor at an event like is that one can, from with in the relative safety of a booth, sit back and watch as the entire event comes to them. So it is less about dragging someone thru the masses, but rather sitting them in a safe place and letting the parade of perversion pass by.

Our first year, we were the virgins. I honestly had no idea what I was in for that day.

The next year found us with a larger space and a larger crew, however it was Nerdy that I was most delighted to share the Folsom experience with. She was pretty terrified that morning, but by days end? A seasoned pro, this year I think she is more worried about getting a sun burn than about what she might see at the fair. (Can I just pause here for a second and say, Nerdy has grown into a hell of an assistant and I could not mount a show of this scale with out all her hard work. I’m damn proud of you kiddo)

This year, this year I’m looking forward to sharing the madness with little Alex.

Ok, maybe it is the budding leather daddy in me, but there is something really gratifying about being able to share a larger, more diverse world like this. Being able to stand on that stage, spread my arms wide and take in the spectacle of 400,000 people and say, this is the world we inhabit. A world that is larger than the local public dungeon or the handful of people you might meet on bondage.com, no this is the big, wide world and you have something to contribute to it.

Alas, there is a downside to this too. Having a rotating crew means that some folks won’t be making the journey with me this year. This year will be my first Folsom with out Galahad, buddy I’m truly going to miss you this year.

I know the bears will miss you for sure; nobody could fill a pair of leather pants like you.