Monday, January 22, 2007

The beauty is in the details

So what is 4MM rope good for? The details. Those intricate, artful ties of hair, faces, genitals, hands and toes. While I am not nearly as good as my beloved Tambo, she is way more patient than I am, I do however get a few opportunities to enjoy such ties.

Curious for more? At Boston this year we will be, for the first time ever, bringing a great deal of finished 4MM stock in a wide variety of lengths. In addition to an awesome array of colors, we will also have instructional handouts on face/hair/genital bondage from for sale too. Be sure to ask for a demo (hair and face only folks, not sure how the Boston authorities would take to bits bondage in the vendor area)

Oh and what is the weather like in Boston this week? While I will be spending the better part of 5 days in either an airport terminal or a hotel, it would be nice to know how heavy a coat to pack.