Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Back in the saddle and already behind schedule

Well I'm back from taking a few days off, ahh that was nice too. When folks ask me what I did, I smile and tell them "I slept for 15 hours today!"

decadence, pure and simple.

Of course I'm back at work and scrambling. Big week, ya know? The obvious one is tax day, that looming deadline that sends even the most stoic of souls into a panic.

Another deadline that is coming up is the Shibaricon registration deadline. After April 15th the cost for this event jumps to so if you happen to still be on the fence about going, don't drag your feet for much longer! We will be starting our annual Shibaricon pre-sale sale too here real soon. Stay tuned for that.

Closer to home, if you are in Seattle and are curious about some of the topics I talk about, Babeland (Seattleā€™s premiere sex toy store and educational resource) will be hosting one of their excellent "SM 101" classes this weekend. Here is the info:

S/M 101
Sunday, April 15th, 7:30-9:30pm, $30
Do you find yourself wishing your lover's soft caress would turn into a
spank? Would you like to share fantasies with your lover that are kinky or taboo? Come discuss the pleasures of S/M with Babeland Sex Educators in an open and supportive environment. We will introduce common S/M vocabulary, teach basic safety and take a tour of our S/M toy collection. We'll also get a chance to sample some safe, sane, and consensual sensation play.

Stop by Babeland at 707 E. Pike St. on Capitol Hill, call 206-328-2914 or visit www.babeland.com/events to reserve workshop tickets.
Singles and couples of every gender and sexual orientation are invited to attend our workshops and events (18+ only). Buy workshop tickets in advance and get a $5 coupon to use on purchases the night of the workshop. ASL interpretation available upon request. Sliding scale available.

Small world moment #1, Tambo and I took a similar class at Babeland about 8 years ago when we were first discovering our kink.

Small world moment #2, the individual who is teaching the class, not only works for Babeland but also works for me at the Abbey part time too.