Monday, October 29, 2007

Back in the saddle and going like mad

Thanks for all the well wishes, Tambo sends her thanks out to everyone. It is back to the shop for me, lots and LOTS to get done this week. So while I attend to this pile of rope that needs whipping, here are some fun shots from Folosm.

The charming Ms Nefarious at asked if I would not mind tossing some rope her way. Hmm, tie up a pretty girl? Gee I dunno, well since you asked so nice I guess so.

The rest of the shots can be seen here (registration with required).

As soon as I get my ass out of this production backlog I'm in I'll be doing an interview and other stuff for these guys. So far the site seems pretty cool and Ms. Nikki... well with a smile like that, how can you not like her?
ok, I best get my ass back on the shop floor.

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