Thursday, December 20, 2007

Things to do today... bottom to the boys at the industrial supply store.

One of the machines I use at the Abbey is busted. A specialized pump that we use to move scalding hot dye water about. So today I need to pack up the busted unit and take it over to the huge industrial supply company and see how much it will cost me to get it fixed. Since there really is no other model for just what we do, the tools and machines are all custom, one of a kind creations that we have developed over the years. Things that evolved from us going, "this sucks what if we did it this way... " and viola a rudimentary machine was born. That machine would then undergo countless upgrades and modifications along the way until now I find myself having to write down instructions for others on how to use it.

While I can spin a socket wrench with the best, I never was one for classes like metal shop and tend to glaze over when folks start going on about gear ratios and the hydrostatic pressure differential. Thankfully there is a huge company nearby that supply all sorts of gears and motors and such to heavy industry. You know, the kinda place where all the other customers wear shirts with their names embroidered on them and have more things hanging off their belts than batman. I can walk in, plunk down the broken motor and smile while they figure out the tough stuff. When they ask me, "What is your application?" I smile and give them the most generic answer possible. Thankfully they seem just fine with "textiles" and can go from there.

Of course this place is awesome for finding parts for fucking machines as well. In fact today I'll also be there picking up a replacement drive belt for Matisse's infamous machine. Seems one of my favorite MILFs wants to take it for a ride at an upcoming party. Again, when they ask me about the nature of the application, I'll smile and say, "Its for a motorized art installation."

Of course this tactic doesn't always work. I've spotted some very cool pipe fittings in a photo and want to obtain some. Said photo was from and I'm not about to plunk down a print out of said image and say, "So pay no mind to the chick getting impaled by the modified bread maker, what I'm really interested in are these pipes she is restrained to, whats that? No, sir I don't know why she has that in her ass, about these connectors..."

Nope, just not cool.

As for the fucking machine, well I guess I will just have to test said machine, you know to make sure it works properly...hmm Matisse and I do have a date tonight... hmm I wonder whatever shall I do about that.

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