Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Monk's not so secret internet crush

Let me just officially state that I totally have a crush on Ms. Nikki Nefarious, the resident web diva over at Socialkink.com. Now some may remember, I had the pleasure of first making her acquaintance (and subsequently tossing her about) at Folsom recently and now she sends me this little post holiday snapshot.

How could anyone not want to spend a lost weekend in Tijuana with a girl like that?

Ok, sure the rope she is using is not my hemp so I guess that could be counted as points against her, but the fact that she also wrangled in two other blog readers to be the victims in the shot (that would be the lovely Cat on top & DeVille on the bottom bunk, as it were) makes up for that, big time.

Perhaps I can lure her into my clutches with the promise to replace that fake, synthetic rope with some supple, organic hemp... she would have to come pick it up personally of course.

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