Wednesday, July 01, 2009

I'm interested in the ball-ended ass hooks you sell and want to confirm the quality of their construction.

I own a hook from another vendor and was disappointed to find that the ball was screwed on, and what looked like a solid stainless steel hook was in fact a stainless steel tube over a secondary rod. Its construction leaves crevices that means it needs to be disassembled for cleaning after each use.

Questions about your ass hooks:

Are the rod and ball both made of stainless steel?

Is the ball welded to the rod, or otherwise permanently attached in a way that leaves no crevices for dirt to settle into, and is the welding material also stainless steel and/or corrosion-resistant like stainless steel?

There are several cheap ass hooks on the market now. If I have learned anything in the last 6 years it is that you know you have a good idea by the number of imitators is inspires. Most are poor knock offs of the original, designed by our steel maker for the very demanding needs at Kink.Com and other professional bondage sites.

Unlike the cheap replicas offered elsewhere ours uses only the highest grade, medical use stainless steel. Other hooks are made from cheap, foreign made steel. If you have followed the news in the past year then you are familiar with the many he made health and safety issues stemming from cut rate products made from cheaper materials and sold by vendors only looking to make a quick buck.

The ball end is permanently welded to the hook and the entire weld surface is painstakingly polished and re-welded till it is a perfect, seamless connection. The entire toy is then buffed and inspected for even the smallest of imperfections before being given the maker's signature.

Such dedication to detail might seem a bit overkill to some, but SM play has the potential to be dangerous. I firmly believe that by using only the highest quality tools and toys you can reduce that risk factor as well as enhance your pleasure.

I refuse to sell any product that I would not use in my bedroom regardless of the possible profit it may make me.

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