Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Color of the Month, Presale. WinterFetish blue

Historically, when we produce a new shade for our Color of the Month series, production usually looks something like this.

Step 1. Monk picks out a shade, usually a new color he wants to experiment with or something that strikes his fancy for whatever reason. (Having long given up trying to understand how he thinks, the rest of the crew has learned to just roll with it)

Step 2. We cook up as much of the shade as possible in a single dye run.

Step 3. Once the rope is dry enough to oil we take a look at the completed shade, photograph it, and post it for sale.

Step 4. Soon as the color is posted, the phone rings off the hook and we sell out of stock. Current record is 2000 ft in 7 minutes.

Step 5. Everyone who missed out on getting the shade sends me hate mail.

This time we are going to try something different.

Our good friends at fetishwear.net have selected this month’s shade. A pale cobalt blue, think a well faded pair of Levis or for you color nerds, a Pantone 308C. Of course this is our *target* color, variations in water temp, salt saturation, and music played at the time of dying will all impact the outcome of the final shade. Hence our announcing and photographing the shade AFTER it is dry and the final color is reveled.

For those of you, who want to place your order now, are guaranteed to get your order filled, as we will allocate your order before the color is made. For the rest of you who want to wait to see the final shade, we will post the photo when it is ready and then it is first come first served as normal.