Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Growing up in the cultural pit that is Spokane, one does not get much opportunity to experience, let alone empathize with folks of an “alternative” lifestyle. I was 20 when I met my first gay friend. Oh sure, looking back I can pick out folks in my formative years who were probably gay. I just did not have the cultural wherewithal to pick up on it.

No, it was not till college when I met someone who was openly gay. Of course I did not realize that till after T pointed it out to me. I just thought she was a bit of a tomboy, did I mention that I’m a bit dense at times?

One day over beers after class I got the nerve up to ask her if she got much flack. Here is what she told me.
Invariably when some trucker/cowboy/bonehead type finds out that I am gay, they will lean in close and say, “You just ain’t found the right man yet, missy”. To which I would smile and respond “Ya know, the same thing could be said for you too. Big boy”, and saunter off leaving them with their jaws agape.