Thursday, March 31, 2005

Can I just say how much I enjoy Kitten? Show her a knot once and she has it cold. Stand her up half naked on Folsom St and she has half the city taking her photo. Put her up in rope and she is a grinning monkey.

I miss that girl, can't wait till she finishes school.

Now next week's wench is a treat... or should I say a tart... complete with an english accent.

Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Busy busy BUSY!!

No rest for the wicked here, 2 HUGE orders just came in and another one is on deck... April has not even started yet and it looks like it will be a very busy month! Good thing too, we have some very cool things to annouce this month as well as an open studio party to plan.

So here is a little clip from Dancer and I's weekend. Me cooking her dinner on Saturday night. (5.5MB WMV Work Safe) I have more clips on the hard drive and will post more in a few days. If you are curious, here is the meal I was making that night.

Oh and one other interesting tidbit, tonight I'm getting my very first boot polishing. I've never had a "proper" boot blacking from a boot slut before and I'm quite looking forard to it.

Tuesday, March 29, 2005


Now one of the (many) things I love to do when I spend time with Dancer is share music with her. While we share similar tastes, I tend to draw from a much broader base musically. Much like when I look at her bookshelves and shake my head in awe at the sheer volume and diversity of her library she does the same when browsing my itunes.

Here is a sampling of some of the tunes we enjoyed over our weekend together.

Friday night over absinthe

Magnetic Fields: I wish I had an evil twin
Tegan and Sara: Walking with a ghost
Interpol: Evil
Postal Service: We will become silhouettes
Nada Surf: Blonde on blonde
Nick Drake: Pink moon
Polyphonic Spree: Section 14

Sunday night photo shoot / self suspension scene
Ministry: Just one fix
Hedwig and the Angry Inch: Random number generation
Korn: Shoots and ladders
Spiderbait: Black Betty
Motorhead: Ace of spades
NIN: Head like a hole
Marilyn Manson: Irresponsible hate anthem
Massive Attack: Mezzanine

Monday, March 28, 2005

I suppose I should write something about my weekend, tell you all how it went… but I’m not. Not right yet. I suppose I could have done it last night, if we had ended out 48-hour date when we originally planed it. Instead we decided that we were having too much fun and were not ready to call it. So we went for extra innings. Of course that means I’m now late for work, behind on my writing and sporting some amazing marks from doing a self-suspension scene/photo shoot.

Thank you Dancer.

And thank you Tambo and Sir for allowing us this time together, we are blessed to have you as partners and friends.

Friday, March 25, 2005

That’s my bag, baby

The contents of the rope bag I’m taking with me this weekend. This is my “lite” rope bag.

30ft 8MM Gold x2
20ft 8MM Gold x2
10ft 8MM Gold x1
20ft 6MM Kilt Green x3
10ft 6MM Kilt Green x4
30ft 8MM Black x3
15ft 8MM Black x2
50ft 6MM Black x1
25ft 6MM Black x1
15ft 4MM Natural x2
10ft 1-inch military webbing x3
And a mess of steel suspension hardware

What you can’t see is the bag with the rattan canes, riding crops, clips, clamps, weights, chopsticks, and one (stolen) garden gnome.

Thursday, March 24, 2005

The request lines are now open...

Dancer and I are spending the weekend together and taking requests. Now for whatever reason “Let’s see Monk tied up” seems to be a common request. While I’m not going to say no, I think her readers are a bit… um tilted to her side on this one. So, dear readers, what would you like to see or what questions have answered on video?

oh and no there will be no Pam Anderson and Tommy Lee style home movie action going on. That is unless we get pre-paid by the distributor and final cut

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

How Many?

Last night, while enjoying the unique intimacy one gets from snuggling on a couch under heavy blankets, Dancer and I talked of many things. Now our conversations tend to run the gamut, from comments left on each other’s blogs to whose turn is it to get tied up next. This night however our conversation took a serious turn…
Just how does one go about setting up a proper bukkake scene?

for those of you not in the know, bukkake is a sort of humiliation play originating in Japan, historically a form or punishment for infidelity, where a large group of men masturbate and cum on the face of a woman.

While one might think that the big question for this sort of thing is, “Where do you find a girl who is into that sort of thing?” Funny, that of all things is actually the easiest part. While we know of at least 5 girls who have already approached us on a similar topic, we have a certain girl in mind for this scene already.

No, the hard question is where do you find the guys? Do you find a handful of random strangers or ask your friends? While the total random thing has a certain charm to it, it does add a certain layer of uncontrollability and stress. Friends, ones who know the score and are there to play along and not expect more than just the scene. in traditional bukkake the scene was to only masturbate on her, not fuck her. This is about humiliation play, not a gangbang. Of course, who do you ask? We ran a list of about 10 of our mutual male acquaintances and came up with perhaps 3 or 4 that would for sure be game. Then there is that whole issue of, do I really want to see 3 or 4 of my friends jerking off to beat the band while some little cutie smiles up at them in eager delight? Hmm…. Me thinks perhaps no? Not that I don’t think my friends are great, quite the contrary it’s just… Well it’s just that men look so doofy when they masturbate. I mean damn guys, have you ever taken a look at yourself in the mirror when you beat the bishop?

Our solution? Masks. Make them all wear masks. Now not just any mask will do. Nope, they all should be wearing white “Clockwork Orange” style masks.

Of course there are a myriad of other tiny details that still need to be resolved. Schoolgirl costume or hentai bunny suit? Does she get protective gear like kneepads and goggles? Just how many wet-naps does one need on hand for this sort of thing?

In the end we came back to the big stumbling block. For a scene like this to work you need a lot of boys. 3 or 4 would be nice, but 10 would be better and frankly 16 would fucking rock. This is about the quantity of participants, not the quality.

Dancer, always willing to help the cause, made this offer, “Darlin, if need be I have a strap-on what you fill up with fake cum and I’d be happy to strap it on and join in if we are short one real cock. Of course that will make it kinda hard to take photos of her.”

Damn, I love the way that girl thinks.

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

So this little cutie’s name is Nova. Yesterday was her first time in rope, so she came to the Abbey and took her new Statutory Grape rope out for a test drive. You know that bit in “It’s a Wonderful Life” when they talk about how every time you hear a bell ring; an angel gets their wings? In this case, every time you hear the groan and rattle of a giant industrial winch, a new rope slut is born.

In addition to now being very fond of rope, she is thinking about attending some of the bondage classes and parties. However she is not sure if there are any good rope tops available for play in Seattle these days. With a rope smile like that I’m certain she is going to have no shortage of offers.

Oh and boys, not only is she adorable but she is a great cook. Nova brought us these fantastic spicy lettuce wraps with plum sauce. These were so good that Griffin and I were forced to Indian leg wrestle for the last one.

Monday, March 21, 2005

Freya, who among other things seems to have an unnatural attraction to my kilt, writes to ask:
You've written about this but I wanted to ask you about it in more detail - The rope, it's obviously more than just sex, more than just power over another - how do those two things connect? I know they don't always

Ahh the rope. I get this question a lot and have been thinking about the why. Why do I do it? What about her naked form, bound in wrap after wrap of rope, makes my brain buzz with delight?

The best metaphor I can come up with is to think of it like a smell. When I’m binding her and she slowly gives into the rope, which is an extension of me, she begins to give off a certain sent. Not the smell of sex, per se, but rather the smell of submission. She is letting go, going off somewhere and giving her physical body to me. That smell, that smell is the heroin of rope tops. In that moment, like a shark smelling blood in the water, I become drunk on her submission. I’m certain if you were watching me that would be the point when my eyes roll back and my canines sharpen. When she lets go, I know that I can do anything to her. This is a powerful, intoxicating and dangerous moment.

While insanely erotic, it does not always have to be a sexual thing. Sure, I could fuck her. Have my way in any manner that I like, but there is something more. In the past I would have argued that this was the natural next step. That the rope was just a form of foreplay, but lately that has begun to change for me. Maybe I want to enjoy this moment and watch her float, blissed out of her mind on endorphins? Or by taking a fist full of hair I can shift the tone from zen like peace and bring her back to reality with a single swift sudden burst pain? It is the fact that I can do this and to watch, nay feed on, her response that makes it hot.

And the really amazing bit? I think I have finally figured out that you don’t always have to fuck them to get this. Sure, when you have a sexual relationship (as opposed to a non-sexual “play only” relationship) with your bottom where the scene goes next is limited only by your desires. However, when done well, it is all about the rope and where it takes you and your partner.

Sunday, March 20, 2005

The Lexicon of Monk

We sort of have our own language around the Abbey and I thought it might be fun to teach you a few of the words and phrases that have found their way into our day to day conversations.

“There is no anvil”
The reminder that the terrible thing you think is going to suddenly catch you off guard and ruin your happiness, much like Wile E Coyote getting slamed by a falling anvil, is all in your head.

Used in conversation:
Griffin: Dude, you are looking a bit pensive today. What’s up?
Monk: Dancer and I are going to have our first ever 48-hour date.
Griffin: That is awesome, you should be psyched. Why am I seeing a marked lack of psych on your part?
Monk: Nervous, this is big for me and I really don’t want to screw it up. I told you what happened the last time I tried to spend a weekend with a lover.
Griffin: Oh, yeah that weekend.
“that weekend” he is referring to would be the weekend I was forced to have the “things have changed between us” conversation while driving along an interstate… she was driving, I was sure we were going to die at any moment
Monk: She is so fucking cool and I love being with her….
Griffin: And you have been sleeping together how long?
Monk: Oh about 5 months.
Griffin: And has there been any drama there?
Monk: well no really, it is fantastic actually.
Griffin: *squints up at the sky as if trying to spot something* No, I don’t see any airplanes marked “Acme” on the side. Nope, no anvils to be seen.
Monk: None?
Griffin: None, just keep telling yourself. “There is no anvil” everything will be fine.

Saturday, March 19, 2005


I’m compiling a list of regrettable fucks:

Sympathy Fuck. Fucking someone out of generosity, giving them the gift of your sexual attention because they won’t be getting anything else.

Mercy Fuck: See above

Revenge Fuck: Sleeping with an ex’s partner/lover/submissive/friend/parent/etc as a way to hurt them.

Conquest Fuck: Courting, wooing, and fucking someone just to prove you can.

Competition Fuck: Much like the conquest fuck, but your motivations lie not in proving to yourself but to someone else that you can.

Nostalgia Fuck: Can you ever really go back and re-capture that moment after it has past?

Territorial Fuck: “Oh you just slept with my partner? Have fun? Good, now watch and learn as I fuck yours into pudding”

Curiosity Fuck: Not really interested in them beyond wondering what color their nipples turn during sex.

Opportunity Fuck: Not looking for Ms. Right, just Ms Right Now. You will do.

Showboat Fuck: Best done in a crowded swing club with a VERY vocal partner.

Have any to add?

Friday, March 18, 2005


So I’d like to say that today is filled with all manner of adventure and sex, but that would be a lie. Today I’m working on my taxes and getting caught up with all the paperwork I have been putting off till “after KinkFest”. Well it is now officially “after KinkFest” so that means it is my turn to bottom to my accountant and get caught up.

No Winch Wench this week either. To make up for it we are going to have 3 next week, including The Mom. Oh and we will be making a secret color batch next week. Blog readers will get first crack at this limited, one time only, color. So stay tuned for that.

On a brighter note, tonight I’m taking Dancer to her favorite pizza joint for spicy pepperoni and spicier kisses. Afterwards? Well that, dear readers, is a story for another day.

Thursday, March 17, 2005

My First

This would be the very first erotic photo I ever took. It was about 8 or so years ago when a friend asked me to shoot some risqué photos of her as a Valentines Day gift to her husband. Having recently acquired a Nikon N60 a few months before, I had NO clue as to how one might properly photograph a naked girl. When she showed up at the house, I was unsure where to begin so she just dropped all her clothes and proceeded to drape herself about the place. This shot was taken in my bathroom. Tambo held a bare 100-watt bulb just out of frame while I stood on the edge of the tub.

That night I think I shot something like 200 images and kept 2.

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

What’s My Name?

At Max’s recent bondage class, Bondage from the Bottom’s Perspective, the subject of hoods came up. Now most experienced folks will tell you that when you totally cover someone’s head with a hood during play it becomes easier to hurt them. The logic is that by removing the bottom’s “face” you remove their identity, thereby making them an object. This disassociation, for good or bad, makes it easier to deliver pain to a faceless object.

So this has got me wondering, if a hood is a physical tool for transforming a person into an object, what about a mental one? How would someone go about masking a person in a mental way such that they are an object? I’m thinking that you would have to take away the bottom’s name. When you remove their identity do you then remove who they are? No longer a person, but a flesh toy, a trinket (if you will) to be played with?

Of course, the converse could be argued that by removing one’s name, you are not making them less a person, but rather someone all together different. It is not they who are now being subjected to all manner of torment, but someone (or something) that does not bear their name. So to that end removing their name is not a form of bondage, but rather a means of freeing them from responsibility for their actions while in the scene.

Perhaps this is one of those “scenes in search of a victim” things that must be played out sometime in order to find out?

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

The Weakest Kink, Final Results

So Matisse has the final event in the winner's own words here. In addition we took some video footage of Krystal and us before the event. You can see that here. (4.5mb WMV Work Safe) Now I must warn you, they did not allow cameras on site, so we were forced to shoot around the back of the conference center with a tiny hand held cam. Sorry if it looks a bit like an outtake from The Blair Witch Project. I'm going to go flog my inner film school grad now.

I must close with a huge thank you and hug to both Krystal and her partner. They are both great kids and we all really enjoyed them. Here is to hoping we see more of them.

Monday, March 14, 2005

From Tambo's Photo Blog.
While cameras were not allowed inside the event, we did manage to sneak this shot in on Sunday morning before the event actually opend.

Isn't she just sexy as all get out?

Kinkfest rocked, thanks to everyone who came and said hi, got tied up and bought rope. You are all fabu. Need to unload the car, re-sort the stock, count all the money, and get ready for The Mom's arival tomorrow.

We will post the WK results with video as soon as Dancer and I get a chance to recover and re-connect tomorrow.

Sunday, March 13, 2005

Notes from KinkFest on a Sunday morning

I have a bite mark on my shoulder that is a perfect replica of Dancer’s teeth. Upper and lower, two arcs of purple that hurt like hell every time I move…. I remember how they got there and smile.

I have been telling Tambo for years that she is incredibly beautiful. Today at the booth she was all that and more. Dressed in a Chinese style dress with her hair up. Well she was the envy of all the girls and the recipient of more flirtation, smiles and offers for play than anyone else in the place. One day she is going to realize just how stunning she is and just how powerful a sexual draw she has. When that day comes, oh boy we best all look out.

On the business front, sales have been terrific. We toured the dungeon last night and delighted to see toy bag after toy bag with bundles of our rope in it. That is job satisfaction. Also it looks like we may be picking up another major distribution deal in the near future, no details can be shared yet save that it looks to be a very busy year at the Abbey.

The bondage rodeo was huge success. When I first pitched the idea they were not too sure about it. They were worried that it would not be entertaining and folks would not show up for it. Obviously they don’t know who they are dealing with? The cheers from could be heard outside in the street. After the standing room only crowd dispersed, the convention organizers we already making plans for next year. “You’re going to need a sound system, right?”

You have probably already read that Krystal won the contest, right? Well let me just say that she is a sweet, sweet girl and we had a blast tormenting her. A longer story will be told. Tambo has photos and video to share as well. I will however tease you with this excerpt from Krystal’s retelling of the night:
My challenge last night was to be at the doorway to the dungeon at nine and take one item of clothing off every five minutes. That’s the longest striptease I’ve ever done. I use to complain when my DJs went over 3 minutes a song. There was a lovely toppy dyke hanging around and flirting with me. As I was going to start a striptease/lapdance for her, just after I took my shirt off, I got a message from Tambo that I was to put my collar on, stay on my knees, and face the hallway. Five minutes later, I unbuttoned my schoolgirl skirt and see Matisse and Monk turn the corner at the end of the hall. As they walked down the long hallway in a Matrix/Reservoir Dogs style with bags and such coolness, I hugged my teddy bear and thought, “Gee, does this mean I won?”

Now dear readers I must go make some coffee and prepare to meet this last day of the event. Last minutes sales, good byes to friends old and new, plans to be made for next year, and the retelling last nights scenes.

Friday, March 11, 2005

This week’s Winch Wench came to us via the post office. Well not the wench, per se, but rather the large brown paper box she sent us. We were not sure what to make of it at first. It was not ticking and we were pretty sure that there was no white residue on the box. Upon further inspection we found this written on the outside.

Hmm, who ever sent this to us has been reading the blog for a long time. I have not talked about my D&D gamer friends in quite some time!

Now this posed a slight challenge for us. I have lots and lots of practice hanging cute girls up in the air, but plain brown boxes? Not so much call for box porn, rather there is more call for the porn to be delivered IN said boxes and not be made OF them. But we decided to give it the ol’ college try.

Seems a bit disappointing, yeah? That’s about the time that Tambo suggested we actually open the damn thing and see what was inside. Boy, that girl has all the answers! Let me tell you, dear readers, what was inside was quite possibly the coolest thing I have ever seen. Up to this point we have gotten the odd plate of cookies from a winch wench. Inside this seemingly plain box was not one, not two, not three but FOUR-DOZEN chocolate chip cookies!

There is only one thing you can do when faced with 2 huge containers of cookies.


Of course this did not last long. Eventually we gave into the siren’s call and attacked the cookies.

And so, to dear Raggedy Mandy we at the Abbey (as well as Dancer and the rest of the D&D group) thank you. Your cookies were delightful and were instrumental in sustaining us through the late nights as we crammed for KinkFest. As for your creative packaging? We set aside a wall in the Zen room for posting our collected histories at the Abbey and your note will be the first thing to adorn that space.

Next week's wench has never, ever, EVER been in rope and has begged that Griffin and I be the ones to introduce her to the joys of rope. She even has gone as far as to offer savory treats!

Thursday, March 10, 2005


Well we did it, I said that I wanted to have a mile of rope ready to go by KinkFest and by god we did it. Hell we did that and then some. A mile is 5280 feet of rope; sitting in the shop with now is over 6200 feet wrapped and ready to go. Now let me repeat that number, SIX THOUSAND TWO HUNDRED feet of the best rope I have ever made. This rope is softer, stronger, and more vibrant than anything I have made to date. This is the good shit baby.

It is funny ya know, looking at bundle after bundle of rope. When you start thinking in thousands of feet per week and miles of rope it is easy to forget what it is you are making. A sex toy, something someone will be exited to receive and eager to share with a lover. Sitting in my front room is a HUGE stack of USPS boxes, fresh rope coiled tight and tucked neatly away inside tissue paper. We like to think of them as “An orgasm just waiting to happen”.

Today I’m shipping out orgasms to:

Irwin, TX
Bellevue, NE
Roma, Italy
Bryn Mawr, PA
Waterloo, ONT Canada
Portland, OR
Seattle, WA
Bunroy, France
Atlanta, GA
Castro Valley, CA
Santa Cruz, CA
Temecula, CA
West Pawlet, VT
Crystal River, FL
Brooklyn, NY
New York, NY
Hannover, Germany
Quincy, MA
Philadelphia, PA

Wednesday, March 09, 2005

My Christmas Present

I can now finally tell you what Dancer and Tambo got me for Christmas. Remember that whole Rocky Horror Picture Show thing I did for Dancer on her birthday? Well they (Tambo and Dancer) thought I looked so good in a corset (even a cheap one that barely lasted the evening) they teamed up and bought me a custom corset from none other than One Wilde Knight. Now I know what you are thinking, “What?! I know Monk is a bit odd, but he does not strike me as the frilly cross dressing sort”. Oh no, have no fear dear readers. This is a man corset, a butch black PVC corset with steel buckles and motorcycle zippers. In addition to giving me a fantastic set of abs and showing off the scar from my cutting, the corset is constructed out of a rare thermo-reactive PVC. It changes color based on the ambient temperature. Once it heats up to my body temp anything warmer (or colder) that touches it will leave a colored imprint.

Now you are probably saying, “Oh great, you got yourself a mood corset big deal”. Oh to the contrary, couple that with my oh so touchable red velvet pants and you now have a dangerous combination. I dare say a veritable babe magnet of touchablity. So if you are at KinkFest come by on Saturday and toucha toucha touch me.

I must add this one closing thought, while the corset is amazing what really kicks my ass is that the two most important and wonderful women in my life teamed up and made this happen. I’m so damn lucky, thank you.

Tuesday, March 08, 2005

When we first announced our contest, I offered to give the lucky winner all the rope used against her skin during our scene at KinkFest. Well today I completed the dye baths for our finalists and here is a sneak peak. Having read about the gold rope I keep in my suspension kit, Calliope requested that I make another batch of it for her should she win. Krystal has a thing for my royal purple, a color that is often requested and I’m seriously considering adding to our regular stable of colors.

I’m making 100 ft of custom rope for each girl.

The really cool bit is that regardless of who wins the final event, I get to tie a sexy girl up in custom rope and gift it to them when we are done playing. As for the looser? Well I get some sweet new rope for my bag now don’t I?

Monday, March 07, 2005

Things to do before I die, #812: Make love to a woman in a foreign language

I don’t know about the rest of you, but there is something insanely erotic about the idea of making love to someone who cannot speak your language. Or at the very least, English is not their native tongue.

For me, I’m thinking it would have to be one of the romance languages, something buttery and sexy like Castilian Spanish or French. The kind of language that, when spoken in husky tones, makes you want to roll about naked in it it’s warmth. However there is something delightfully deviant about the idea of listening to a woman growl and curse at you in some Easter European / Russian dialect while she is being tied and tormented in the most delightfullest of ways.

Except for Dutch. I’ve been with a Dutch girl and well, well they can speak English better than most Americans so where is the fun in that?

Sunday, March 06, 2005

...And Then There Were Two

The results of this week's challenge are up
. (Oh and these are SO not work friendly) Mistess Matisse and I have to chat today and agree on just what the final challenge will look like, but suffice to say it will take place AT kinkfest this Friday.

Now I need to go get some royal purple in dye, pull this custom batch of gold out and then get my act together for Max's class and party afterwards.

Friday, March 04, 2005

It’s Friday again kids so you know that that means! Here is this week’s Winch Wench!

This is lovely girl’s name is Willow and she brought us some delightful homemade chocolate chip cookies. Now I have been promising her a “proper” rope scene since September when we found ourselves naked and only in possession of 10 ft of rope and a cheese grater, but that is a story for another day.

I think you will like next week’s Winch Wench, it is a long distance double suspension using ONLY 4mm hemp!

Thursday, March 03, 2005

Dear god am I tired. The last KinkFest batch came out of the dye wash at 11:30. 1020 feet of crimson so red that the dye bath looked like a cauldron of blood. Another 1000 feet of burgundy hang on racks in the dry room as I type this. While long and brutal, this day marks the last late night of the pre-KinkFest 2005 deathmarch. The heavy lifting is all done, now we can relax and set about doing the fun things like naming this amazing new deep burgundy / black custom color and making the bamboo suspension frame for the booth demos. I predict at least one if not two more late nights at the Abbey, but nothing to the extent of what we have seen in the last 2 weeks.

I must give huge praise to my crew; once again they pulled together and made this happen. With out them I’d still be just some guy in his garage. I think sometime around 9 or 9:30 we, (Tambo, Galahad, Griffin and myself) all dropped what we were doing and danced about the Abbey as Galahad’s I-pod blasted out “Boom, Boom, Boom, I Want You In My Room.”

Looking forward:
Tonight, date with Dancer… excellent.
Tomorrow: Post this week’s Winch Wench, the sexy Willow.
Saturday: Vote another one out of the Dungeon and issue the final challenge to our would be bottoms.
Sunday: Pick up my new, top secret, outfit for KinkFest and suspend my dearest Tambo.

In other news, Griffin and Liss took a trip down to see the same artist who did my plaster casting. Yes, he too got his wedding tackle immortalized. He has a great tale tell about it and when he posts something about it I’ll be sure to link to it. This did however get us all thinking. If we can convince Galahad to go get cast, then we could offer the “Men of Twisted Monk Penis Collection”. I can just see it now… Collect all three! Store them in the official “Twisted Monk Action Play Set!” Now with kung-fu grip and real testicular texture!

Damn I really must be tired…. Night

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Top 10 non-production items we need to locate for the Abbey (in no particular order)

1) Coffee Maker
2) Unused, steel 55 gallon drums (4)
3) Bamboo hardwood flooring, (200 sq ft)
4) Life sized Marilyn Monroe cardboard cutout
5) Bambusa ventricosa starts (2)
6) Faux Persian rug
7) Insulated, waterproof brew master aprons (2) One monogrammed “Wilma” the other “Betty”
8) 12 foot broad spectrum fluorescent bulbs (12)
9) Steel Shopping cart, preferably stolen from an upscale suburban mall (2)
10) Did I mention we need a coffee maker?

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

The Twisted Monk World Invasion Update: Next Stop Australia!

Twisted Monk and Eagle Leather in Melbourne, Australia are very pleased to announce a new partnership! Australian fetish suppliers Eagle Leather in Melbourne, Australia want everyone to know that they are now stocking TREATED HEMP BONDAGE ROPE by Twisted Monk - the rope used by famous bondage artists and educators such as Midori. Starting March 1st – just in time for FetishDiva Midori's rope bondage classes - the entire line of Twisted Monk hand-treated hemp rope will be available for retail sale in the Eagle Leather store and through their website.

Australians don't do things by halves! Eagle Leather is stocking the entire product line - all diameters (4 mm, 6 mm, 8mm); both lengths in each thickness (15 ft, 30 ft); and all colors (natural, black, crimson, green, blue, grape). Twisted Monk's sexy stainless steel Nose Hooks will also be in-stock, and Merit Badges will also be available on order.

So those in Australia, New Zealand and SE Asia no longer have to source the raw material and spend hours working at trying to produce a usable product. Twisted Monk has done it all for you - superbly well - and Eagle Leather stocks it for your convenience and pleasure.

Check out our online store -, 'Enter' the store, and click on 'Bondage & Discipline' products, then 'Ropes'.
Purchase in-store at Eagle Leather, 58 Hoddle Street, Abbotsford, VIC 3067, Australia.
Phone +61 3 9417 2100. Fax +61 3 9416 4235. E-mail
Wholesale orders to select stores in Australia, New Zealand and Southeast Asia are also available. Contact Brian Mier, 61 3 9419 4509 or