Monday, May 30, 2005

Shibaricon Road Trip: Closing day.

This is the last day of the show and I am exhausted. Running on less than 3 hours of sleep a night and very, very worn out. This has been both a hugely profitable event as well as a stressful one. I’m glad to see it close.

There are far too many stories I should tell. Tales of scenes, new friends and cool events I must share with you. However I’m just too tired to do so and frankly have no earthly idea where to start.

Tambo and Liss fly out tonight and I know that Griffin and I both are very sad to see them go. They have been lifesavers to us. I know that he and I both will be miserable with out them and long to see them again soon.

I don’t even want to start talking about how much I long to see Dancer.

I’m going off line for a week in order to get my ass home and rested.

When I come back I will tell you all the tales, but first I need some me time to re-charge the “Monk MoJo” ,as it were, and collect myself.

I pray for your patience and look forward to you all in a week.

Friday, May 27, 2005

Shibaricon Road Trip Day 5
6:11 PM Location, Chicago IL

When Griffin and I walked into the vending area loaded down with our rope bags they were waiting. We did not even get the rope out and onto the table before the feeding frenzy started.

And it did not let up.

At one point we just dumped ALL the rope out on the floor behind the table and started pulling bundles out for folks.

Thank heaven for the awesome volunteer staff who kept bringing us drinks and helping us move stuff as well as the extra sweet girl who brought me cheese cake. *blush*

Now time for a meal and deliver this pussy hook to Midori.

Thursday, May 26, 2005

Shibaricon Roadtrip: Day 4
1:10 CTC Location: Danville, IA

You can only take the wide, empty landscape of I-80 for so long. When the dry brown nothing of Wyoming gives way to the green brown nothing that is Nebraska it really gets old. At one point Griffin looked over at me and said, “I feel like we are in one of those cheap cartoons where they re-use the same background over and over.”

By this point the Meatloaf has been replaced by Marylyn Manson, sung.. no screamed at the top of our lungs till we were hoarse… for 3 hours straight.

This would be the breaking point, 3 days on the road, 2 late nights and just over half the trip under our wheels and then we came to our salvation. The home of Sweet Raggedy Mandy and Dust.

Nothing wipes the grime and tire away from a traveler like being welcomed with open arms and a cold drink.

That night they fed us and treated us with more warmth and TLC than we really deserved. Griffin and I agree, we want to adopt Raggedy Mandy as our new mom.

Thank you, for sharing your home, sharing your food and mostly giving Griffin and I the much-needed refuge. A safe place to rest, re-charge and re-group before this, the last day of our push and the first day of the convention. For the next 4 days I’ll need to be “on”, thanks to your kindness, and yummy care package, we are going to kick all manner of ass.

Next stop, Shibaricon and the final destination for all this rope….

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Shibaricon Roadtrip Day 3
Griffin puts to words far better than I about how cool the folks we have met so far are.

Shibaricon Roadtrip: Day 3
7:47 CTC Location: Omaha, NB

We are now safely stopped for the night in the warm and welcome home of Dust and Raggedy Mandy. While the Omaha steaks grill up I suppose I should tell you about last night. Now I have spent the better part of the day watching Nebraska roll by and trying to come up with just the right way to tell the story.

Let me just put it like this.
Drive 500 miles
Deliver a 6 hour plus scene
60 feet of one of a kind gold rope
2 wax play candles
1 rockstar and
3 hours of sleep
and the, rest dear readers, is a tale for another day.

Shibaricon Roadtrip: Day 3
3:12 CTC Location: Middle of nowhere NB

Last night we were welcomed by the Laramie poly/queer/kinky community… all 12 of them. What a great bunch of folks, thank you for the warm welcome.

There is more of this tale to tell, but I’m going to need a few more hours sleep before I can properly do it justice.

Shibaricon Roadtrip: Day 3
8:85 MTC Location: Laramie WY

Reason # 812 why Griffin and I should never be left unsupervised.

So now in addition to 10,000 feet of bondage rope, we now have class C explosives as well.

There are more stories to tell about yesterday, but sadly we have 8 hours of road ahead of us and are operating on about 3 hours of sleep. I’ll write more as we find bandwidth along the way

Monday, May 23, 2005

Shibaricon Road Trip; Day 1
11:41 PST Location: deleted
I’m sending you this posting from somewhere in Utah. We are currently hiding out in a Quaker run safe house. Seems that the mere presence of this much orgasm inducing rope and 2 perverts such as Griffin and I have angered the powers that be to such an extent that they have dispatched the church police to apprehend us.

The plan for today was to make it a long and boring one. No planned stops and nobody to visit. Just get lots and lots of mile under the wheels of the Crimson Road Slut. That is too we got to central Montana.

Up to this point Montana was a delight, that is till we took the I-15 exit and headed south.
To say that we were in the middle of nowhere would be an understatement. In fact, this was where nowhere went to get away from it all. Cell phone reception? Forget it. I think out here they have not even heard of such devices and to suggest that you could communicate with someone via talking into a little plastic box would probably have gotten us burnt as witches.

Oh and did I mention that we had less than a 1/8th of a tank of gas left? Breaking down here would mean disaster.

As we nervously crossed the continental divide I kept scanning the road ahead for signs of a town, a truck stop, heck anything. Then we saw it. A signpost for a town called “Divide” with the icon of a gas pump next to it. Our sigh of relief was quickly replaced by shock as we pulled into the town known as “Divide”
Or should I say the single, automated gas pump in the middle of nowhere with a road marker next to it?

Now as a rampant fan of horror, this place looked bad. No it looked worse than bad, it looked like the perfect spot to be ambushed by radioactive, cannibal hillbillies.

“There has to be another place to get gas?” Griffin asked.
“If it is, we ain’t got enough to get us there. The tank is on E”

So he quickly pumped while I kept watch for any tell tale signs of inbred assassins or shambling figures on the horizon.

As we sped back onto the freeway I declared, “New rule. We always fill up the tank before it hits ½”

All told, today we logged 980 miles of pavement. Passed through 4 states (Even had sloppy seconds with Idaho) Drove over 4 mountain passes, a continental divide, said hello to the Governor of Montana, and drank 1 can of Rock Star.

Have no fear, our hosts tell us that they know of an underground railroad used by old porno smugglers that will lead us out of the state. All we need to do is follow the trail of old hustlers and used tissue paper to freedom

The Shibaricon Road Trip. Day1
1:54 pm PST Missoula WA.

As with all great cross-country road trips, one must look to the past for inspiration. Where did Griffin and I turn when we first started kicking this idea around? Why “Fear and Loathing” of course. Now in that book, the great Dr. Gonzo and his lawyer sped across several states in a car they dubbed “The Great Red Shark”

Our car is more scarlet than red and well… it really isn’t much of a shark. When you think Pontiac Grand-Am “Shark” is really not what comes to mind. Granted when you look at Griffin and I you don’t think “Gun toting, drug fiends with an unlimited expense account” Well some folks do, but we promised never to speak of that night ever again.

So we set about trying to come up with a name.

What are the names of ships from our favorite sci-fi films?
“Jupiter 7?”
Too old school.
“Planet Express 99?”
Too Obscure
“The Millennium Falcon?”
We are SO not that cool
“Slave 1”
Now we are onto something, everyone knows that Bobba Fett was the best part of the second film. But “Slave”, na the car is not THAT cool.
Something close perhaps… like “Slug”, “Slob”, “Slut”?
So we figured “Slut” as in “Road Slut”

Now you know we could not keep well enough alone, nope the car has now been dubbed “The Crimson Road Slut

So if you happen to find yourself along a Montana freeway today and see a loaded down crimson Pontiac with two guys singing Meat Loaf at the top of their lungs… wave. Or better yet, flash.

The Shibaricon Road Trip. Day1
9:25am PST Spokane WA.

Spokane, the town where Tambo and I grew up, met, courted, married and eventually fled for the big city. Spokane really has not changed all the much. Sure the strip of downtown where we used to cruse on Saturday nights has been replaced with a huge mall, but the place still has that slightly dry feeling to it. As if god ran out of green crayons when he made this place and over compensated with browns and grey.

There is one part of Spokane I do miss, Dick’s Hamburgers.

A Spokane landmark, this is one of those greasy walk up places where you mingle with kids out in their hot rods, college kids looking for a cheap meal, business folks and the homeless. On a hot summer night, this was the place to be. While in college, Tambo and I would gather up all our spare change and feast on burgers and shakes.

I wonder if they still serve pizza? They had these pepperoni pizzas that were about the size of a paper plate. In fact in order to serve them they took another paper plate on top of the steamy pie and stapled the edges closed. When it got to you it resembled one of those bad UFO props from an old sci-fi movie, save for being spotted with grease.

We are in a Starbucks, checking mail and sipping caffeine. Dicks should open up in about 15 minutes and we will hit it for an early lunch on the way out of town.

The Shibaricon Road Trip. Day1
5:am PST Seattle WA.
If I may bastardize the Blues Brothers,

It’s 2061 miles to Chicago.
We got half a case of rock star, and two miles of bondage rope in the car.
It’s dark out and we are wearing sunglasses.
Let’s Go.

And so, dear readers, the adventure begins. More updates to follow as we find bandwidth...

Sunday, May 22, 2005

“Is there anything I can do to help?”

When I am in the thick of the death-march days I hear this a lot. Heck, my ultra vanilla dad offered to come to the Abbey yesterday and help package rope. I’m very lucky to have folks who want to help me.

The thing is, we have done this enough to have our own rhythm. Sure there are always some tasks that we need help with, but for the most part Tambo, Galahad, and Griffin all know the drill all know their jobs better than I. (Heck, I know better than to get in the way when Galahad is armed with a shrink-wrapping gun.) We have a rhythm and when the music is cranked we move like a well-oiled machine.

The thing we are always battling, of course, it time. So to those who offer to help I usually tell them this.

“The most helpful thing you can do is to be patient and be here when it is all done.”

Of course bringing us meals always helps too.

The rope is wrapped and finished, just need to count it all and load it up. Griffin and I depart in less than 18 hours and there are still so many things to do.

Friday, May 20, 2005

Shibaricon DeathMarch Update: 6 Days till show

I am so tired right now my bones hurt when I move.

We leave in 3 days and we are going to pull it off. Today, a massive pile of rope to finish whipping the ends of. Tomorrow, we shrink wrap like madmen then figure out how to fit it all in the back of a rental car.

Oh and yes, we even snuck in a top secret Shibaricon batch, but I’m not telling you what color it is. You will have to show up and see for yourself.

On the plus side, Griffin got his new laptop yesterday so we are both now armed and dangerous, so expect some interesting updates along the way. Oh and speaking of along the way, to our most wonderful hosts we say thank you. The convention will be a lot of fun, but it is the opportunity to meet some very cool people along the way, to exchange stories, eat wonderful food, laugh and yes to tie them up too that has really kept us going this last week.

Time for another diet rockstar.

Thursday, May 19, 2005

The note,

“Are you sure that you are ok with me fucking her with out you being there?”

An odd question to ask your partner over morning coffee, then again Tambo and I have always been a little odd.

These were the early days for us, long before we know what poly was and kink? Well kinky for us meant sex with out mutual lover, yes we dated an elusive HBB (Hot Bi Babe) at one time. While a great time was had by all, this was all still very new to us. When the opportunity came up for her and I to go on a date and Tambo was suddenly called into work that night, well things got interesting.

Tambo was totally cool with the idea of me taking our HBB lover out alnoe for the evening and then home to fuck her brains out with out Tambo. I on the other hand was not so sure. Up to this point this had been something we did together. A mutual exploration thing. How would me doing this with out her effect our relationship? Sure she might say that it is ok, but does she really mean that? Will there be an anvil in my near future? I wanted to trust her, but I was unsure. I would hate myself if I had gone through with it only to find out later that she was not ok, but just told me so.

Remember, this was VERY early in our poly development and we had yet to learn how to trust the other one completely. Poly is like a muscle, the more you work at it, the stronger it becomes. Up till this point we had yet to really flex that muscle.

Leave it to Tambo to come up with the perfect solution.

“How about I write you a note?”

“A note?!”

”Sure, a note giving you my permission to have sex with her.”

“um… ok I guess?”

So she did just that.

Dear HBB,
I give Monk my blessing to have as much sex as he can with you tonight. You two have a great time and tell me all about it when I see you again.

Simple, yet very effective.

These days I know to trust her when she tells me “Go! Have fun!” but there are still a few rare days when I am unsure and give her that worried look and she says to me, “Do I need to write you another note?”

That Tambo is far wiser than she lets on.

Of course these days she also threatens to pin the note to my lapel like you would a kid on the first day of school

Wednesday, May 18, 2005


Ok, I’ll admit it; I’m a sci-fi nerd. Seeing Star Wars on the big screen when I was 7 years old had a huge impact on me. Up till then I watched John Wayne movies and played with GI Joe dolls. After that, they never stood a chance. I wanted to be Luke Skywalker and wield a light saber.

Then he had to go and muck with my childhood.

Sure it was cool to have extra footage of the re-released films. Sure it is cool to now have them on DVD, but damnit. Han Solo shot first! Grr.

And then there is the whole matter of the new movies.
In a word, “disappointing”.
In two words, “disappointing and overdone”.
In 33 words, “Jesus George, what did you do write those scripts over a long weekend? Who is your dialogue coach? William Shatner? And Jar-Jar Binks? Oh you should burn in hell for that one!

Now with the release of Episode 3 tomorrow the whole thing is now complete. However I doubt that. Knowing Lucas he will re-release the mess in 5 years and make us all re-buy our childhoods all over again.

I fear that he has forever lost me. I’m looking more forward to the release of Sernity.

I do have a dark secret, the sci-fi I most adore, the king of all guilty pleasures? Dr. Who. I am so delighted to see that they have brought the good Dr. back to us. Of course I don’t have a TV so I can’t enjoy them yet. Must wait till they are released on DVD

However, if someone had copies of the new series they wanted to share… well then I would be a most happy nerd.

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

You can never go back

I bumped into an ex lover today.

While we parted ways a long time ago and agreed that should we ever run into each other in public it would be an event marked with hugs and fondness, I could not help but leave the meeting feeling, well a bit odd.

No, there wasn’t any residual weirdness or drama; rather I left wondering just what it was about this person that used to make me so hot for her. It must have been something, lord knows we had some great times together, however when I looked at her I…I just could not see it.

A wise friend once described relationships as “a delicious friction between two people”. Something about that other person rubs you just so and makes that heat needed to fuel a romance. However, the act of rubbing that surface both generates the heat as well as wears away at the friction point till both surfaces are forever changed.

Monday, May 16, 2005

I have one toy in my arsenal that I enjoy the most. This toy does not rest in my toy bag along with the thousands of feet of rope or shiny steel elements of delight. No this toy is a special toy, one that I just adore to use and have spent many hours perfecting it’s use.

That toy is my voice. More specifically the ability to talk dirty. The ability to talk dirty is a key skill for anyone who wants to be good in bed. Nothing changes the tone of sex like a well-timed whisper or sets the pace of power play like a snarled threat. This skill is portable, low cost and highly adaptable to whatever sort of scene or lover you may find yourself in.

To often when we think of someone talking dirty we get that mental image of some fat balding porn star doing his high calorie Casanova routine while some silicone-enhanced honey sucks his knob. You know what I mean. He mutters banal encouragement in a semi-bored state while her head bobs away in his lap.

Ok, ditch that crap. Here are some guidelines from which to start.

1) Find your voice. Ask yourself who are you trying to be? What is the character you wish to portray here? Are you the soft and warm tones of a well-schooled lover? The kind who can whisper sweet encouragement into the ear of his lover? Or are you the bastard child of Glenn Danzig and Illsa? The kind that growls and who’s words feel like sharp sudden fists.

Find the voice that fits your style. Start off with just one; over time you will develop more.

2) Choose your vocabulary. Most folks think you can just say anything in a sexy voice and it will make your lover’s panties damp. Nope, sorry. Start small. Much like traveling to a foreign country, do not try to learn the entire language overnight. Rather pick and choose key words and phrases that are important for your success. Some winners are things like “dirty”, “little slut”, or “cunt” or if you are feeling ambitious build phrases that suit your needs like, “On your knees bitch” or “I’m going to fuck you blind now”

My current favorite is “you petulant little cunt…” I just love the menacing way that rolls off the tongue.

3) Practice. This might seem like an obvious one but folks always forget it. Verbal play in scenes is as much a tool as anything out of your toy bag. You spend hours working to perfect a wrist bind, devote some time to honing your verbal skills as well. Stand in front of a mirror and say “cock” till you can do it with out giggling.

Now maybe I am just an old drama geek here, but guys there is so much more to talking dirty than just “Oh baby” and “Yeah that’s hot”. The more skills you have mastered in your bag of kink, the better your chances are at attracting someone to use them on.

Saturday, May 14, 2005

California Bound

In other news, the awesome folks at JT Stockroom and the Museum of Erotica have invited me down to LA next month to present and sell at Erotica LA. This is a huge sex expo open to the general public that is filled with porn studios, adult toy stores and other sexual delights all taking place in the huge LA convention center.

The plan is to create an island of thought provoking kink and sex history in a sea of otherwise vanilla sex. So whom did they invite to help educate and entice the vanillas? Annie Sprinkle and me!

I love my life.

So yes, for all of you who were askig me if I'll ever come to southern California. I’ll be in LA the weekend of June 10-13 and I’m bringing loads if curiosity kits as well as Griffin with me.

Let's go.

Friday, May 13, 2005

Things I learned about my body today.

Needles, then pierced in the skin of my chest elicit from me a most animalistic and room shaking roar.

Needles, when pierced in the skin of my scrotum elicit a near perfect impersonation of Curly from the Three Stooges, complete with head slapping and “Woob woob woob” noises.

Who knew?

Thursday, May 12, 2005

Yet another one from Tambo’s amazing photo blog.

It dawned on me today that I have yet to post a photo of my assistant Griffin. I should tell you all about how funny and easy going he is or how thankful I am to have him as an employee, but that really would not do him justice. I think Max put it best when he introduced Griffin to mutual friend.

“He is one of the good ones.”

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Going to be a long one today. Full crew and then some at the Abbey today as we plough though this mess of rope...So a few notes for your amusement.

Griffin has asked me to head up the road trip music selection so I have been digging though my CD collection and loading as much as I can onto the I-pod. So far I have like 1500 songs and have only tapped about 40% of my CD collection.
Some gems I have loaded that I forgot I had:
Kate Bush, Hounds of Love
Lords of Acid, Love
Lee Doresy, Freedom for the Funk

Have you seen this self-portrait of Tambo
? Sweet Baby Jesus what a babe!

Speaking of babes, the custom chopper shop next door is looking for an “inked out Betty Paige type” girl to pose on this amazing all black custom bike they just finished. They want to submit the shots to a nationally syndicated chopper magazine. The shots will be more along the line of Maxim style (as in no pink parts exposed) and less like Easy Riders. The job is TFP (and I’ll give you some rope as well) Interested parties should e-mail me a headshot.

Lastly, a thought. What is the difference between a good lover and an amazing one? An amazing lover inspires you.

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Death March Update, 16 days till Shibaricon

Our goal is to bring 10,000 feet of finished rope to the show. So far we have
1,500 ft finished and packaged.
3,000 ft finished and waiting to be whipped/packaged
3,500 ft in the final stages of drying as I type this.
3,500 ft to be processed and dyed this week.

Now subtract the 2,000 ft of rope already in the order queue…

All told, about 9,500 ft (give or take) and a bit more if we feel extra ambitious next week.

Yes, we will be bringing lots of rope in loose, bulk coils for sale by the foot. So if your working length of choice is 25 ft, 3 leagues, a farthing or whatever we can cut and whip it for you at the show.

In addition to finished hemp we are also bringing:
6MM raw hemp in 1KG (aprox. 47m) spools
Hemp rope bags
All the cool Twistedmonk logo shirts and patches.

A selection of sweet finished rattan canes from Bad Ju Ju Designs. These are my favorite rattan canes. They even come in colors that match the rope.
Steel Suspension rings and yes, we have worked out a deal with the pussy / ass hook maker and will be bringing along some of his evil steel toys as well.

And a few other surprises...

Monday, May 09, 2005

The unused toy

There is a toy in my rope bag that gets no play. None at all. Amongst the clips, clamps, gags, carabineers, nose hooks, chopsticks, and gags it sits there, as shiny as the day it was made.

The ass hook

While I was showing the contents of my bag to someone this weekend, she picked it up, looked at it funny. When I told her what it was she immediately dropped it and did that whole body shudder thing.

“What is a nice sadist like you doing with such an evil thing in your rope bag?” you ask.

You see, the guy who makes our stainless steel suspension rings also makes these outrageous hooks that you, well that you insert into someone pussy or ass and then tie that hook into the rigging. The pussy hook is a larger diameter tube in the shape of a “J” with some strategic tie points. The ass hook is more like, well a rounded hook with an eye on the end to tie to.

Now he has been trying to convince me to carry these items as part of our normal product line. I’ll be honest and admit that I’m not fully convinced that this sort of toy is really what my customers would like. However in the spirit of continuous product improvement (and the quest for outrageous sex toys), Griffin and I agreed to pick up a set and give them a try to see how we liked working with them.

We drew straws, he got the hook for the front and I took the one for the rear.

Thing is, everyone I play with has flat out refused to even discuss playing with it. “Hell no” is their usual response. So complete is their disapproval that it has become a sort of joke. I offer them a choice between two toys, one I want to play with and the hook, knowing that they will choose the former over the hook.
Me: “Ok so I’ll give you a choice, tonight we can play with the lawn gnome or the hook, what will it be?”
Them: “fuck...Not the...oh ok, the gnome... You know you will have to sleep sometime, then, then I’m going to smother you with a pillow!

And so I’m a bit ashamed to admit it, but this thing has been ratting about in my rope back for almost 2 months and it is still un-tested. While not something I would want to use often and most certainly not something I would use in a suspension scene, well maybe it was carefully used as part of the body harness and not under any sort of weight bearing load perhaps. I am curious to put it to use.

There has got to be someone who wants to help test this out? Anyone? Bueller? Maybe I’ll find some rope slut at Shibaricon who wants to be my guinea pig?

UPDATE: I now carry this toy and others like it on my website.

Friday, May 06, 2005

Road Trip, Update #1

First off, wow. Just wow. We are floored by all the great suggestions as well as the offers of hospitality from everyone. We modified the route such that we can take some of you up on your most generous offers.

So far we have a sweet college girl in Wyoming who is sure to be a hoot. A hot mid-west MILF who “Knows full well who she is dealing with”. Even an honest to god “farmer’s daughter” who wants to make us fresh ice cream. This does not include the offers from folks who we could not fit into the trip or from folks already attending the show.

Now what we really need is someone near Boise, ID or maybe north Utah who wants to host us. Hmm, a nice Utah Mormon girl… yeah that would be all sorts of nice.

All sexual innuendo aside, this is so fucking cool I cannot say it enough. Folks who will not only open up their homes to a couple of rope makers on a cross-country trek but also feed them?

I have the coolest readers in the whole world.

Oh and yes we might even get a night in with Galahad’s cool dad. Of course this one is a maybe since both Griffin and I are thinking that we might both be so eager to get home that we will opt to sleep in shifts and try to plow home as fast as we can. Lord knows that after not seeing Dancer for nearly 2 weeks I’ll be very motivated.

Thursday, May 05, 2005


Wednesday nights are the late ones at the Abbey. Griffin and I usually plan on being there from early morning till well after midnight. While long, they are also the most fun. Tambo and Galahad usually come down to help package and process the orders. Tonight Silk brought us dinner as well as a much appreciated (by me) Diet Rockstar. Now amongst all these wonderful folks working on your rope there is our dear mouse.

Her job is to make all our leather look pretty. Every Wednesday she stakes out a spot on the floor and we pile our jackets, chaps, shoes, clogs, boots, and even Galahads fighting tunic on her. She, with a huge smile, scrubs and oils and makes them look better than new.

If you have yet to have the pleasure of getting a proper boot blacking, well you are missing out. Sitting there finishing rope while someone sits at your feet, rubbing polish into your boots by hand and focused on making your boots look as black and menacing as possible. Well that has a certain Zen like charm all it’s own.

There are of course some drawbacks. Mouse scolds me about the state of my cycle boots every time she sees them. Seems that motorcycle boots, when worn by someone who rides a motorcycle every day, really don’t keep that fresh polished shine all that well. Oh and don’t get her started as to the state of my knee high Doc Martins! She was so worried that I would scratch the shine on them before the opening of SEAF that she gave the boots to Tambo with explicit instructions that I was to not put them on till just before we were to leave the house for the opening. (talk about bottoming to the bootmouse!)

So tonight when she came I suspended her upside-down… then I made her polish my boots.

Now remember kids, don't try inverted suspension at home with out getting proper instruction! Like from Max.

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Mr. Manners

One of the great things about the local kink scene here in Seattle is that it is constantly growing. The influx of new people interested in exploring rope brings all sorts of fresh new blood and energy to the scene. This is a good thing. Fresh blood helps keep the scene from getting too closed off and stagnant.

There is of course a downside, not everyone knows the etiquette and while there are some decent books on the topic, a lot of things you just sort of have to learn on your own. So I thought I would talk a bit about etiquette as it pertains to rope play in a public play space.

For Observers:

Once the top sets feet under the hard point (AKA those mounts in the celing we like to dangle naked girls from), leave them alone. While most of the rope guys I know are more than happy to show a knot or answer a question from a curious onlooker, once they set foot under the hard point it is best to leave them alone. Even if no rope has yet to come out of the bag, they are in scene space. Planning, pre-visualizing, and mentally prepping for what comes next. Unless it is life threatening, leave them (and their bottom) alone till they are done and by done I mean packed up and dressed. Give them some space.

Speaking of space, Respect what I call the “Scene Bubble”
While you would expect folks who play in public to be ok with voyeurs watching their scenes, there is a difference between respectfully watching at a distance and being a pest. Pay attention to the rest of the crowd here. If someone is playing in a remote back corner of the dungeon it is really not cool to drag a chair right up next to the space and watch. Rule of thumb here, if there are others sitting and watching a scene, ask them if it is ok to join them and watch. If they are playing alone in a corner, assume they do not want you sitting RIGHT at the edge of their space.

For Rope Tops:

Respect the rules of the party:
The WetSpot plays host to all sorts of parties for all sorts of crowds. The rules for one party may not apply at others. Some parties are cool with suspension scenes, others consider that a no-no. Some have very liberal rules as to what is allowed to be used, toy wise, while others put restrictions on the toys allowed in order to set a certain mood for the event. Don’t assume. When in doubt ask a DM.

If the DM does not know you, expect the Spanish inquisition.
Even if you have been doing this for years, be cool and polite to the DM while they ask you all manner of questions about the rigging you are planning to use. Their job is hard enough as it is so flipping them an attitude is really in poor taste. Recently Griffin was planning to do a suspension scene at a party he and Liss did not normally attend. The DM did not know him from Adam and started asking questions about what he had in mind before she would give him a hard point. Now he could have copped a “Do you know who I am?” tone, but he did not. Rather he was polite and answered all her questions. When the scene was completed the DM thanked him for being so cooperative and you know what happened when they came to the party next week? The same DM bent over backwards to give him a prime hard point and lots of space to work.

I’m sure there are several more rules that should be mentioned, but the long and short of it is this. Respect other people’s space and use common courtesy. You would be amazed at how far being polite and respectful will get you.

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Looking at the world just a little bit different

Busy, busy days this week. Lots of late nights and long days as we prep for the upcoming show in Chicago.

Of all the photography styles I have done, I think I most enjoy sepia tone and selective colorization. Not sure why, but that slight twist on reality really works for me. So here are 3 of my favorites. 2 were taken this year and one is from the archives. Enjoy (These are all work safe)

Tea Girl Jailed (shot 12/04, yes that is a real jail cell she is in)
The Mistress Demands It (Shot 5/04, Coolest model, EVER!)
The Doorway (Shot sometime in 01)

I’m anxious to shoot more, Dancer and I have an “I’ll pose for you if you pose for me” deal and I think it is my turn to shoot her.

K, it is back to work for me. Got new shop help to train, hotels to book, boxes to ship, rope to finish and if I'm lucky a quick snuggle date with Dancer too.

Mandy and Dust please contact me re, the road trip.
We are still looking for a place to crash out in Montana. Any readers in Helena or Billings care to share?
Steed and Mrs. Emma Peel, I was serious you bring the cheesecake we will bring the winch.

Monday, May 02, 2005

The Portland Trip, Re-Visit

Back when I told this story I mentoined that I had a post from the girl's perspective. Enough of you showed interest so here goes, what it was like to be trinket at that moment...

When you guided me back behind the building, just removed from prying eyes, I was in a flurry of anticipation. God only knew what else you had in that wicked bag of tricks... What would you demand of me now? I could feel the Altoid dripping down my legs, making me really feel every bit the dirty whore. Removing the rope made me feel light and airy, but I knew that you would not stop at that. No, you would take advantage of that opening, and when you told
me to piss, right there in the Chinese Gardens, I knew I had to. I have always avoided squatting to piss, mostly due to the fear of splashing onto my pretty little shoes, and the inevitible little drip that will trickle down my legs afterwards. But you had already soiled me so thoroughly, what with shoving my panties up my cunt and then the Altoid treatment... At this
point getting a bit of piss on myself while exposing my dripping sex to you was the icing on the degradation cake. As I hitched my skirt clear around my waist, being carefull not to fall over as I squatted facing you (for I knew that there was no hiding), I hoped that I would be able to pee on command, that my bladder would obey you as complicitly as my mind, that no one would stop to peer in, that my stream would not be frozen by the shocked mutter of one tourist to another "OMG, there's a girl peeing back there!" I struggled to meet your gaze rather than peer down to make sure I wasn't soiling my skirt or shoes, hoping again that this would show you my devotion and willingness. When you took me by my hair, when you pressed your lips to mine so forcefully, I felt that I really would do anything for you, just for another bit of praise and the kiss that women dream of. Gone but not forgotten was the piss/cum/altoid dripping down my thighs, the thought of gettting caught, and the Portland spring rain. It takes quite a bit to remove me from the rest of the world like that, Sir, and I can only hope that the time you spent with me was equally satisfying for you. Thank you for a lovely aftertoon, and may we meet again at your leisure.