Tuesday, July 25, 2006

All the pretty colors

Some random items requiring feedback. First off, here is another color mix that I finished. I was experimenting with blacks and reds as well as perfecting the new dye process. I’m not sure just what to call it and if folks would even want a rope in this color mix. I’m contemplating adding another rotating color to the mix and offering a new “Twisted Color” every 6-8 weeks in addition to our usual color of the month.

So first question would be, would you all like to see more limited run, mixed colors like this for sale? Much like our color of the month, these would be one-time color runs that once sold out, are sold out for good.

Then there is the matter of next month’s color of the month. I’m thinking lavender. We were going to do it in July, but then there was that whole nasty business with the fire and all that. I’ll announce the new color here first, so watch for that.

In other news, our new bed is done!

Here is a shot of the completed headboard. We are hoping to have the beast installed this week.

Oh one last thing. I have a friend that needs some math help. Anyone out there a good college level math tutor? 100/200 level and pre SAT stuff mostly. Someone in the leather community, or at least kink friendly would be a plus; of course I need someone local to Seattle.