Monday, June 11, 2007

Broken PT2

Critical hardware failure is not a pretty thing, experienced players do everything in their power to plan for such things. However a brand new piece of equipment breaking on the very first night of play? Well that just sucked out loud. Now I would like to take credit as an experienced top and skillfully getting my bottom down and free from the failed frame before anything bad happened, but it was Ayem who calmly stated to me, after said crack, “Um, that’s not good. Shall I come down now?”

Thankfully, we were using a minimal amount of rope, so he was free and clear in a matter of seconds.
Upon inspection of the frame, it was obvious that we had in fact broken the main support struts and damaged it beyond repair. I may have lasted another 10 minutes, 20 tops, but for certain this unit was down for the remainder of the convention. Way to go Monk, the event sponsor kills a hard point on the first night.
Despondent, Ayem looked at me with a large pouting lip and hung dog expression. “Great, I broke the new toy, now I won’t get to play anymore.”
“Fuck that, I aint done with you!”
Tossing him to the ground and firmly tying him into a small, laughing ball. I set about to find something suitable to use to continue the scene. All the suspension frames were in use and I was not about to go and see if I could break another one. Then, inspiration hit. Strewn on the floor of the play space were a number of small tie down mats. These are basically large padded seats with tie points bolted into the sides; they would make an excellent tool.

I was not planning on tying him to said bondage furniture; no I was planning on hitting him with it.

The foam padded seat made an excellent impact toy as I wielded it above my head and brought it down on his ass. A satisfying “whump” sound really. Followed of course by howls of laughter. That sick monkey was enjoying this way too much. Time to show him exactly what tea bagging was.

Rolling our victim up into a sitting position, I grab the back of his head and straddle up close. “See buddy, its like this” I say with a much malice as I can muster between giggles, “Tea bagging is when you take your junk and rub them on someone’s head, like so…” pulling his shaved dome closer, I make exaggerated thrusting motions with my hips and rub the crotch of my jeans into his forehead.

“But why is it called tea bagging if you are just rubbing your jeans against me?” He asks in his goading way.

Let me pause for just a moment, over the course of the last 3 years, it has become a sort of tradition that I end up naked in public. Well not naked really, just my junk. Yep, for whatever reason it is just not a Shibaricon with out Monk pulling out his genitals and doing something silly with them. I blame my buddy Scott for this, but that is another story.

Shrug, what can I do? He had me there. Un buttoning the front of my pants, I pull out my boy bits and comically slap them against the top of his head. Laughter erupts from over my shoulder. Seems that folks were watching things unfold and the sudden flash of skin caught them, shall we say off guard? No, lets not. The truth of the matter was that there was a line of girls watching two hot, sweaty boys wrestle around and now they were laughing their asses off as I comically used my good friend’s shaved head to scratch a non existent itch on my balls.

You would think that getting tied up in hot pink rope and having a dude rest his junk on your head would be enough for somebody, but no. This just made the crazy fucker laugh louder.

It took me doing (post pants re-zipping mind you) one-handed push-ups, fist resting squarely in the meat of his pectoral muscle, for him to finally tap out. Of course I made the mistake of gloating after we were done, proud in the fact that I had made Ayem, a notoriously energetic soul, exhausted. “Oh yeah, I broke the energizer bunny” I think was what I said… and what happens, like the terminator, he somehow reassembles his bruised self and bounces back up and smiles that silly grin of his at me.

Un freaking believable.

Later that night he would take part in a group suspension and single tailing at the hands of my lover, Matisse.

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