Monday, July 30, 2007

"Life imitates art, of is it art imitates life?
What if we are all just imitating Art Garfunkel?"
-Woddy Allen

The tiny loft space that I call my office here in the Abbey is overwhelmed as of late. Lots and lots of art! Over the course of the last year I have been fortunate enough to purchase some choice prints from several rope artists that I admire. In addition to these, several customers and friends have generously given me prints as well. Most recently my dear friends Goose, Gander and Hannah as well as prints from some of the sweetest customers I have ever had the pleasure of meeting, PartnersEnTwine (I just adore their humor and overwhelming affection for each other). What you are looking at is my desk, covered in prints that need framing and to be hung with pride in my loft.

I fear I may soon run out of wall space and have to start hanging them on the ceiling, but who cares. This, as they say, is a good problem to have. I started making my own rope in order to use it in my own art. These days I find myself too consumed with the running of the company to properly peruse my own artist endeavors. While I dabble here and there, I do miss it some days.

However, seeing all the wonderful images created by so many talented people using rope that I have made? Well that just makes my chest swell with pride.

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