Monday, July 02, 2007

More Letters

I was watching a video of you tying Violet Blue in your shop. Toward the end she tries to resist. The sound is somewhat garbled. I think you say "same rope, different experience". Would you please write a short piece describing the last part of the video, her response and what you did, for your blog.

The video in question is this one you can see it here.
Yes, I was enjoying tossing the lovely Ms Blue around my office while she giggled and struggled to get away. Well not that hard really, I think maybe she liked it. Anyways, yes I did say something to that effect. See, the point of the demo was to show her why rope is such a popular and versatile toy. Before I did the fast harness on her I did a basic chest harness with the same bit of rope, you can see me do a demo on how to tie a basic chest harness here, said harness was then integrated into a larger rope corset. I think the same piece of 30ft 6MM rope was used for a half dozen different ties from decorative ties to rough and tumble harnesses.

I am highly allergic to marijuana ~ can't be around it growing, harvesting, while it's being smoked. Can't be around someone who has it on their person, is wearing clothing that they were wearing when they were smoking or cleaning or rolling a's really a nasty allergy.

So my question is whether or not I would have problems with hemp rope?

There is a story about a hemp farmer who had a huge billboard put up next to his fields that stated in HUGE letters, “You would need to smoke a joint the size of a telephone pole before you even started to get a buzz from this stuff.” See, industrial hemp is a different species of plant from the recreational variety. The hemp we use has about as much THC in it as that hemp hackey sack you bought at the outdoor concert last summer. Nil, zip, zilch… nada.

I've been reading your blog for a while now, maybe 6 months? At one point I was home sick for two weeks straight and indulged myself by going back and reading through your archived posts. I can't seem to re-find the one about the iron bed you and Matisse bought, I wanted to check out the picture again. Maybe Matisse posted the picture, but at this point I've searched both of your blogs and can't find it anywhere!

Slight confusion here. See Matisse and I bought a bed together when she bought her house. That was like a year and half ago? A big thing for us both, two secondary partners going in together on a fairly major piece of furniture. Said bed has served us very well, however we have been discussing finding a real frame for it, hopefully before the cheap one it came with comes crashing apart. Tambo and I, on the other hand, had a custom bed frame built for our 18th wedding anniversary last year. A bed specifically built for bondage (read LOTS of tie points here kids). We posted some teaser shots, but there have been no photos of the installed wonder bed. Some things we like to keep just for ourselves, a couple needs some privacy.

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