Monday, July 02, 2007

Nostalgia trip.

Longtime readers of this blog will remember that I once worked as a “actor/combatant” and spent many a summer’s day decked out in a full suit of armor performing with a jousting group. While I took my fair share of knocks, ok more than my fair share really – more like 30 stitches to the head in one year alone, I really enjoyed this job. Getting paid to wear a suit of armor and swing a sword while folks cheer you on is a damn fun way to spend a summer. Both Tambo and I were very active in this before the demands of the company forced us to make a hard choice and retire.

Neither Nerdy nor Alex had ever seen this chapter of our life. Sure they had heard plenty of stories and seen the gear, but neither had ever been to a ren fair. So this weekend we all piled into the car and set about correcting this matter.

Fitting into my armor again would be out of the question, not only was it built for me when I was almost 70 pounds heavier, but I was not performing this weekend. Nope, I’m just another patron bringing his family out to see the show. A fact that I rather enjoyed really, I’ve recently made a point to limit the number of events that I vend at and also go as a tourist to support the event, yeah for the reduction of personal stress. Just dress “village casual” and bring plenty of money for ale (well fresh made birch beer actually)

And how was it? Well, Nerdy and Alex both had fun getting decked out in an entirely different form of fetish wear than they are used to and enjoying a day out in the sun. (Admit it, a costume is a costume. Just that the kinksters have better choices in footwear.) Many members of the group are also readers of this blog, so there were some funny moments of cross over. Tambo had a hoot and we both agreed that we were glad to be in the bleachers watching and not out on the field in the hot sun. Ok, so there were a few moments of nostalgic melancholy, the want to pick up a sword again and hear the cheer of the crowds, but that was a chapter of my life that I closed a long time ago. Sure it would be fun to take up again, especially in my new physical condition, but the commitments of time, partners and work just make it impossible.

Alas, it was fun to revisit it even for a weekend. It felt very good to see my old friends and share this chapter of my life with those who are actively shaping this chapter of my life. Thanks for welcoming us all with open, albeit armor covered, arms.