Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Re-telling of tales

A quick look at the sidebar will show that I’ve been keeping this blog for quite some time now, well over 3 years in fact. Sometimes the entries are good and insightful, other times they are pretty lame. Thing is, after all this time I’ve never considered myself to be a “writer”, that is something I will leave to my far more talented lover. Rather, I’ve always seen myself as more of a “storyteller”, one who spins a good tale and is entertaining in the process. If you learn something along the way or gain some new, profound insight you should just consider yourself lucky and not tell anyone for fear they may think you a bit strange in the head.

That said, the highest praise a storyteller can be given (in my humble opinion) is when their stories are re-told by others.

Today one of my employees shared this with me. Seems she loved the story about my first lesbian friend in college and the witty comeback she always had for those ever hopeful straight boys who sought her attentions in vain. She liked it so much in fact that she shared it with all of her gay friends, many of whom seemed to have found themselves in similar situations yet lacked the proper retort.

In her own words:

A friend was riding the bus in Portland one day and chatting along happily with the driver. Her stop was the last stop on the line and she was usually the only person left on the bus so she often found herself in conversations with the drivers. She also happens to be very attractive and very gay. On one such trip, just as the driver was pulling up to her stop when asked her if she had a boyfriend. She responded no, I’m gay. His immediate response? “Yep, you just have not found the right boy yet.” Just as she stepped through the open doors and onto the pavement, she turned back to him and responded, “The same could be said for you, my dear. Keep looking” and walked away in smug triumph

You have no idea how proud hearing this made me. That one of the zillion silly stories rattling about in my brain had not only been good enough to be re-told, but also memorable enough to eventually become part of another person’s tale.

That, that dear readers is so damn cool.

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