Saturday, July 21, 2007

The worst part about taking a vacation?

It is not the money, nor the time away. Nope, the worst part is ramping back up to the pace you were at before you left. I really should be at the Abbey right now. With the Boston show in a few weeks I'm going to need to clock in a LOT of hours, starting tomorrow.

Today I'm doing silly things like hang out with my wife and become a virtual Simpson. Like so.

Well at least one version of me is at work today.

Then there is the whole matter of my birthday. I turn 37 in a few weeks and I'm not too sure how I feel about it just yet. Little odd, little exited and a little bit of panic. Now every year my partners always hound me with the question of "so, what would you like for your birthday?" and every year I sort of shrug and say, "I dunno... stuff?"
Well Matisse has all but demanded that I provide a real wish list this year, so here goes. Monk's Birthday Wish List.