Friday, November 30, 2007

Psst, Hey Buddy. Wanna Buy Some Rope?

So first off, thanks to everyone who bid on the last custom rope auction. Wow, the response was way more than I expected. Thanks to you, I now have a nice start to my, “take Tambo someplace warm for Christmas fund”. You guys are just the best customers in the whole world.

This time around I thought I might try something different.

This is a one of a kind piece of our very exclusive “White Hemp Linen” rope. But as you can see, it is not white. Nope. Using the same, labor intensive dye process as our Phoenix rope (now a collectors item) this rope is a rich mix of reds (Cherry, Fire and Blood). This is a single, 97ft bulk piece. The winner can have it cut down to shorter lengths and whipped for a small extra fee. Bid on it here.

From Custom to Last Call,

A customer e-mailed me yesterday asking if we had any of our discontinued “Envy Green” left in the shop. As luck would have it, we had a few pieces of it left over. He flaked out, so his loss is your gain. This collection of 8MM (over 150 ft) is the last of its kind and a great start for someone looking to build a rope kit. Bid on it here.

Now when Tambo got wind of my plan to auction off rope in order to fund a Christmas getaway for the two of us, she suggested I offer up her x-box to the mix.

“I’m not sure if my readers are really going to want to buy our old x-box and games, babe”, I said to her.
“Are you kidding? Just tell them that you played DDR naked on the dance pad and they will go nuts!”
My Tambo, ever the optimist.
She does have a point, sorta. Along with the system, controllers and dance pad we are also selling a pretty sweet collection of games. All those times I was sick, recovering from the accident or generally hiding from the world I was probably playing one of these. Bid on it here.


Thursday, November 29, 2007

Where the Hell will I be this week?

So let me see,

Friday Nov 30: Matisse and I return to the recording studio to lay down more episodes of her podcast.
Based on the overwhelmingly positive response by her listeners, I’m back again as her co-host, comic foil and source of the surreal lawn gnome innuendo. To that note, we are soliciting your questions. Now folks, keep in mind that this is a 5-8 minute cast. Asking too general a question like, “How do I become a top?” is going to be tossed right out. Rather, specific questions like, “How do you handle X feeling in Y situations?” will be more likely to get your question read and answered.

Sunday Dec 2: I will be selling rope, books as well as bringing some of our new threads at Max’s Rope Bondage 201 class.
While this is a continuation of his awesome instructional series, even first time rope users are welcome. These classes are informative, safe and lots of fun. If you are new to the whole kink “scene” here in Seattle, these classes (and the party afterwards) are a great place to get your feet wet and see why this town has one of the best kink scenes in the country. Click here for more info, prices and directions.

Thursday Dec 6th: See me perform live and help support a great cause.
One of the reasons Seattle is famous for its scene is The Center for Sex Positive Culture (aka “The WetSpot”) For years this place has been giving first time kinksters and experienced players a place to learn, play and participate in the greater kink community. I’ve been asked to do a rope bondage “mummification and suspension” scene as part of a fund raiser they will be holding that evening. I have something, shall we say, interesting up my sleeve for this one. If you saw what I did for their last fundraiser, The Blood Fair”*, you won’t want to miss out.

I was just asked to do this so I don't have much in the way of details save the date. I’ll post more details when I have them.

Friday Dec 7th. Seattle Men in Leather, Photos with Santa.
How I got roped into this one, I’m not sure. Matisse and I will be your Leather Mr & Mrs Claus for the evening, come get your photo on Santa’s lap. This will be a fundraiser for Seattle’s Lambert House. Again, a great cause and lots of fun. Oh and no, I will not be wearing the padded Santa drag, nope this would be Santa if he was not eating all those cookies and hitting the gym 4 times a week and dated one of the sexiest women in the city.


Wednesday, November 28, 2007

The way of the gun

“An interrogation, please” , She asked over her cup of mint tea one rainy Seattle afternoon.
“Interrogation scene? Complete with uniforms, stale cigarette smoke and harsh lights in your eyes?”, I respond.
“Will you be the good cop or the bad cop?
“Depends I guess.”
“will there be a gun involved as well?”
“on my person or part of the interrogation?”
“Both, please. Pretty, pretty please”

Ah the taboo allure of the gun. For some this is an insanely erotic turn on, an instant panty wetting source of fantasy. To me they are just a tool. Growing up on a farm and as a hunter I’ve used and handled guns most of my life. Even when I was working to get my sharp shooter certifications and handling one all the time they were still just tools. I fail to see the erotic charge they bring some folks.

However as an actor, I respect the value of a good prop.

Awhile back there was an SM related gun death in the news, the ethics of gun play has been debated in far better forums than this. If you want to debate that, go elsewhere. I would put to you it is not the gun itself that gives the thrill, but rather the idea of the gun. It is not that she thinks I’m going to actually pull the trigger and end her life (if and) when I lean in to menace her during her interrogation scene. Just as she knows in the back of her mind that I’m not really a German officer who has thinks she is a spy for the resistance. No, that’s just a fantasy she wants to play out. When it is all said and done, she puts her clothes on and goes home, safe and sound… save some new,colorful marks and a good story to tell.

So why not use a prop gun?

It is fairly common practice to use dulled blades in a scene, I have reduced a girl to terrified tears while brandishing a prop knife, it’s cutting edge no sharper than a butter knife. So why not a fake gun? A quick google search will net you dozens of sites that sell replicas that look, sound and even smell just like their more lethal counterparts, however permanently incapable of actually firing a shot. Again, I ask it is not the actual gun that sells the fantasy, but rather the idea of it. The cultural taboo, the element of fear that the top has to sell and the bottom has to buy into for the entire scene to work.

As I was processing this posting out in my brain I posed the question to Tambo, her response? “Sweetie, you are an actor. When you are on, you could brandish a wooden spoon and tell them it is a lightsaber and they would believe you” High praise, but I doubt there will be any Darth Vader masks in my future. However the actor in me can’t help but wonder how it would feel to heft the weight of such a prop, an item so steeped in danger and taboo. Could I believably sell my intent to do her harm as I shoved the barrel of a doppelganger colt 45 into her mouth and snarl my demands at her, menace dripping off my lips? Or would the years of gun safety education kick in and override my behavior, causing me to treat this prop with the same cautious respect I do a live weapon?

Of course there is the really big question, at what point to you inform her said gun was in fact a very well made fake? Or at all?

The fascinating thing about BDSM for us is that there is no right answer and what is the “proper” thing to do will shift and change with each circumstance. What is a hard limit, a line never to be crossed for one is common place for others. Acts to some seem so extreme and dangerous that they must never even be discussed are blasé to others. There is no right answer, rather the start of a conversation.


Tuesday, November 27, 2007

My Tambo, power nerd

I love that my wife is a video game playing, super hero loving, sci-fi movie watching and all around sexy nerd. What can I say, brains are sexy. Geeky, smart girls like my Tambo who are one in a million. Now as you may recall, for her birthday last month I gave my dearest wife a new x-box360 and a copy of the much anticipated Guitar Hero 3.* Well in the scant few weeks since that day she has played the hell out of the game. Smoking me and the nearest competition with her mad button mashing and head banging skills. Last night she happily informed me that not only has she beaten the game, twice as a solo artist (easy and medium mode) she’s won it in co-op and holds a 5 star rank on EVERY song offered. Her next conquest, she tells me with a determined nod, will be to either beat the game at “Expert” or attempt to play it again left handed (ala Jimi Hendrix)

Something tells me that I need to start putting some cash aside and find her a copy of Rock Band and quick.

*an amusing aside, the game was to be released at midnight Saturday the 27th. We also had a play date that night. So after taking her out, hanging her from the ceiling and doing all manner of devilish things to her sweet body, we packed up and dashed across town so that we might catch the tail end of the midnight release party and score her pre-ordered copy. Then she went home and proceeded to play till 3 am while covered in fresh rope marks!

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Monday, November 26, 2007

Reader Photos!

I knew it was only a matter of time, my first reader photo of the new boyshorts in action. As sent to me by the super cool duo of Steed and Peel. For those of you who have yet to meet them, Steed and Peel are a local couple who I never get to see enough of. She is whip-smart, hella sexy and has a British accent that makes my eyes water while he is tall, blonde and sweeter than a Labrador retriever puppy and twice as cute.

Thanks for the boy shorts! Next shoot will be with Steed wearing them.
Happy Thanksgiving.

- Steed and Peel

Happy Thanksgiving indeed.

If you have a photo of yourself or loved one flying the TwistedMonk.Com colors and want to show it off, please feel free to e-mail them to me along with anything you wish to share about yourself (blog, event, etc) and I’ll post them here.


Sunday, November 25, 2007

Sunday Morning Quickie
Enjoying the sublime pleasure of being tucked away in my favorite chair, sipping coffee with Tambo, surfing the random porn and tinkering with a couple of cool surpizes that I hope to unleash upon you guys later in the week. In the meantime let me share the song that has been stuck in my brain for the last 3 days.

I know, I know I'm such a sucker for the big "rock anthem" sound, but hey it is so much fun to sing along with in the car.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Greatest Hits Album?

I always cringe when a band I like puts out a “greatest hits” collection. It seems to me like they lost their cultural significance and are now relying on the strength of their past work to pay the rent. Of course there are artists, like David Bowie for example, whose body of work is so large that they regularly put out collections as a way of book marking the various chapters in their long career. So what the hell does this have to do with blogging? Well after nearly 3.5 years of writing here, this blog has grown into quite an intimidating collection of content. Over the years, as I have journaled the ups and downs of this non-traditional path that I have chosen, I never quite imagined that this would have the following or the impact that it has. While I’m not about to compare myself to some of the really great bloggers out there, I am very proud of this journal and am delighted that so many of you have enjoyed reading along every day.

The problem is this, there is just so much content. I’ve been told by new readers that while they love the blog, there is so much back-story that shy of taking a few days off and reading all 900 odd posts to get caught up. Daunted by this, they do not return often and never become a regular reader and commenter. It has been suggested that I compile a “greatest posts” list of my best works and add it to the sidebar of the blog so that new, casual readers can get to the really good stuff with out having to wade through endless posts about caffeine and sore hands.

I have begun a list of my favorite posts, but as any artist will tell you, it is hard to objectively judge your own work. So this is where I turn to you, loyal reader. I figure that if you are reading this on the Saturday after thanksgiving that you are the ones who have been with me the longest and know this body of work the best. It is your opinion that I seek.
Here is my jumping off point, my personal favorite posts:
04/26/04 How I Met My Wife
05/10/04 The Tale of Wilbur The Death Pig
06/06/05 My First Date With Dancer (Matisse)
07/27/04 The Opening Day as an Armored Actor
08/27/04 The Closing Day
08/10/04 The Year I Turned 12, Twice
10/07/04 Traveling with out Moving
02/09/05 The Demise of the Swedish Chef Hat
02/01/05 HardWired
02/02/05 My Libido Demands It
05/09/05 The Unused Toy
06/06/05 Beware My Resplendent Topping Panties!
07/05/05 Liar!
08/03/05 Night Ride
10/05/05 The Coolest Moment of Folsom '05
10/24/05 The Lamest Thing We Saw at Folsom '05
10/18/05 The Bird in the Cage
11/02/05 Mementos on My Key Ring
12/19/05 Recomendations
12/09/05 One Scene, Three Perspectives
02/16/06 Delightfully Devious
03/28/06 Godzilla 1, Tokyo 0
04/06/27 Not Going to be My Day
05/23/06 The Exploding PBJ
05/09/06 The Sweaty Lesbian Fuck-Ball
06/21/06 The Boyscout Uniform
06/08/06 Welcome to the Worst Day of My Life
08/03/06 What Happend to All My Rope? (pt3)
09/08/06 My Afternoon with Violet Blue
10/15/06 Calls to the Abbey
11/06/06 John Tesh is the Erection Killer
12/24/06 A pot of Ale and Saftey
01/10/07 The Gun I Tried to Kill Myself With
02/28/07 Boston Bob
03/07/07 The Big Ass Ball Hook
05/08/07 How to Not (Emotionally) Slam Into the Guardrail
05/11/07 Alas Poor Yorick, I Knew Him Well
06/28/07 The Pancake-o-Meter
09/21/07 Back in the Saddle

See why I am asking for your help? Just compling the list has filled me with all manner of warm memories, laughs and cringes. So please, if you will, vote for your favorites as feel free to nominate your picks as well.


Friday, November 23, 2007

Allergic Reactions and Rope Washing Question
Hi Monk - Enjoy your website and the youtube videos - my boyfriend has literally thanked me a dozen times for showing those to was totally selfish on my part, so I just smile. To the question at hand, I have very sensitive skin (chronic hives) - so I like my robe to be of a softer quality but I want some color. And Christmas is coming up! Do you have a recommendation from your website of what is the best rope for me? Something soft but colorful. Judy
Skin sensitivity is one of the major reasons why I have spent countless hours refining our process and moving away from older, less hypo-allergenic methods of rope finishing. Today I only use allergen free, animal free oils (a common skin irritant for many sensitive customers) as well as a dye process using some of the highest quality dyes available, not that cheap RIT crap the bleeds and comes off on your skin. Even with all this, everyone’s skin is different. My recommendation would be to purchase on of our sample kits, it contains a 6’ length of each of our colors offered. Test it against your skin and see what your results are.

Rope gets softer with age, through play the rope softens and absorbs body oils. The weave relaxes and the fibers become more and more soft. A well loved piece of rope will resemble your favorite wooly sweater in no time. Repeated manual washing can also accelerate this process. It is important to note that while this will soften the rope, it will also reduce the overall tensile strength. Our process is intended to get the rope soft enough that it feels great against skin but not so soft that the fiber strength becomes dangerously degraded. For most bondage uses repeated washings are just fine and your rope will last you for years, however if you intend to use your rope for load bearing play like suspension bondage then you will need to be extra careful and using this rope. (it goes with out saying, but I’ll say it anyways. Suspension bondage is dangerous. Seek proper training before attempting and always inspect your rope and hardware before use. When in doubt, replace it.)

To wash your rope, knot your dirty rope as shown in my “rope handling” video.

Stuff the rope into an old pillow case and tie off bag. Don’t mix your rope colors when washing as there may still be trace amounts of dye that might bleed. ( While we thoroughly wash our ropes after dying, this is still a hand dyed and washed product so it is best to err on the side of caution just in case and save yourself any potential problems.)

Wash the ropes on the shortest, gentlest cycle possible using cold water. If you have a color safe bleach that works best for your allergies, use a very small amount.

When done, don’t try and unknot the wet rope. Wet hemp is next to impossible to untie. Rather, let hang for a day or two.

When the outside of the rope feels dry, unknot and let dry for a few more days.


If there are none available or you are unable to find any that do not irritate your skin, use the rope on skin or run the rope thought your hands while watching TV. This will also transfer your body oils to the rope.

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Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Turnkey Day Folks!

Tambo and I will be joining some friends later for a traditional sitdown dinner. So while Tambo bakes up a batch of her killer challah bread this morning I'm going to see about taking it easy. Maybe I'll go as far as to not work and play a little more of this new game, Mass Effect. (No Monk, you are way too busy to start playing a game. Esp. a Bioware title! Kiss what few shreds of free time you have left goodbye!)

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Every little thing she does is magic…

Today marks the birthday of my lover, Matisse. What can I say about my dearest that has yet to be said? I remember the first time I met her, while at one of Max’s rope bondage classes. My companion pointed her out, “that is,” she said with a dramatic pause, “the Mistress Matisse”

There, sitting at the front of the room was a stunning woman with an infectious smile and laugh that made you want to laugh along.

It would be many months later, at another one of Max’s rope classes, when I finally had the opportunity to chat with her at length, we hung out in the back of the room while they all practiced. No rope was being sold so we both nibbled on tootsie rolls and swaped stories. I suppose I should describe how “sexually powerful” she was or how dynamic her presence was, but no. The thing I remember most about that conversation, and the many that followed was just how interesting, charming and fun to talk to she was.

I walked away from every occasion not with a sense that a diva had just deemed me worthy of her company, but rather a giddy sort of “I can’t wait till the next time I get to chat with her. What a cool lady…” feeling.

Tonight, after an altogether too brief dinner date, as I kissed her goodbye and walked out to my car those giddy feelings of our early encounters are still just as fresh. Nearly 4 years later I’m still sporting a goofy smile every time I say goodbye to her and counting the minutes till I get to see her again.

Happy birthday, my love.
You just keep getting better and better.


Tuesday, November 20, 2007

One more thing I forgot to mention yesterday.

We also launched a new color of the month, just in time for Thanksgiving. I'm calling it "Very, Very Cranberry"
As usual, this is a limited run. Once it is gone, it is gone for good.

Say... might you be looking for a nosehook? We used to stock these and the customer response was mixed, but I had a custom order this week. These new ones, built by the same awesome steel artisan who makes my rings and other steel toys, are beautiful, however he sent me two. Normally MSRP on this badboy is like 25-30 bucks, I already have one in my toy bag so I'll let this one go for $20. If you want it, e-mail me directly.

Wow, I just realized that for like the past week all my posts have been work related. Welcome to the holiday crush. Alas, all work and no play makes Monk a very, very cranky boy. I'm going to need to do something about this.


Monday, November 19, 2007

Ok boys and girls, here we go.... Monk's Big-Assed 2007 Holiday Gift Roll Out

It is that time of year again, the holiday season, and everyone at TwistedMonk.Com have been working overtime to bring you some great gifts for the rope fanatic on your list.

* New Steel Items: Check out our new line of steel toys as well as our expanded line of suspension hardware.

* New Clothing: You asked, we listened. More styles, more sizing options and best of all FREE SHIPPING.

* 2007 TwistedMonk.Com Gift Box with DVD combo: Priced at just $99.99 this gift is perfect for those folks who want to give their sweetie that gentle nudge. Rope, our "Getting Started Volume 1 DVD" and a beautiful wooden gift box make this an awesome gift idea. Supplies are limited, so don�t wait!

* Speaking of the DVD... Again, you asked and we delivered! We have taken our amazingly popular web videos and complied them onto a DVD. Originally shot in High-Def, they are brighter, clearer and more useful than ever. The best part? WE ARE GIVING THEM AWAY WITH EVERY ORDER OVER $124.99.*

* Save the headache of wrapping and show them that you got the very best with our Premium Gift Service. Only $6.50!

The Nitty Gritty:
High quality rope takes time. Our "Official" stand is that orders take 14-21 days to fill. Truth is that we fill most orders in 7 days or less. However stock shortages and such things happen so we opt to give our customers a worst case and delight them when it gets there sooner than expected. With the holidays means lots of orders to fill and an overwhelmed postal system. We encourage customers to not wait and place their orders early and avoid the worry altogether.

For those who have to wait till the last minute, any order domestic placed on or before December 12th will be delivered in time for the holiday. Orders placed after that time MAY be delivered, and are available for rush processing for an extra fee. Due to customs and shipping delays, the cut off for international orders is December 5th.

*Free dvd offer on all orders over 124.99 before shipping. Limit one per customer, while supplies last.


Thursday, November 15, 2007

Brain Stew

With the official start of the holiday season just a week away I'm up to my ass in new products, half finished marketing text and scads of photos to be edited for the website. Add to this the reams of minutiae that are just part and parcel for keeping a company running and one's brain begins to get a bit wobbly.

On top of all thisthere is the matter of making that rope so that the bills get paid.

So dear readers, if you feel like you are being teased as I slip out sneak peaks at some of the stuff I have in the works. Sorry. Quite to the contrary actually. I have so much stuff that I want to share with you, stuff that I'm really exited about and proud of, but it is just not quite ready. Perhaps if I locked myself away from the world for a week I could have it all finished and polished up, but that is just not in the cards. That and frankly I'd rather give you peaks at what I'm working on first than make you wait like the rest of the world till I do an "official" release.

So much of what I do is driven by your feedback. Your comments and opinions on new products and ideas are of incredible value to me. You, the faithful, have helped shape my little dream into the powerhouse it is today. So it goes with out saying that I, thrilled to share the fruits of my labors, will want to give you the first glances of what I have up my sleeve. And so I pray for yourpatience, dear reader, as with all good things in life...the pay out is always worth the wait.

I may be a tease, but when the time comes I always deliver.

Alas, the time I have carved out today for blogging as come to an end and the demands of the rest of my world as screaming for my attention. As my dad used to say, "We have a lot more miles to travel today before we shall see our beds so we best get to it."


Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Is that a big box of DVDs or are you just happy to see me?

Originally uploaded by Mr Monk

Why does Monk have a big box of DVDs emblazed with the world famous Abigail logo? Stay tuned, dear readers, I have many cool surprises for you.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Would you buy rope from this man?

Originally uploaded by Mr Monk

Me, about to mix the dyes for this month's Color of the Month and sporting my new starbucks dye apron. In true Monk fashion, no sooner was the photo snapped when a black dye pack exploded on me.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Quick Sneak Peak
Working on another task this morning so while you wait for a more lengthy post about something fun, like edgy sex, check this out.

Our premium gift service is now available! Add custom wrapping, a personalized card and (my fav) a custom wax seal to your rope gift.

So what am I working on that has you waiting for a juicy, sexy blog post?

Well if you must ask, take a peak and see for yourself.

Pretty damned cool, no?

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Frivious Sunday Posting

I'm a big fan of Trey Parker's films, any man who can get a song like "Uncle Fucker" stuck in your head after one listening is a genius in my book, Of all his films I have a strange fondness for "Orgazmo" (the gripping tale of a mormon missionary turned pornstar turned super hero) and have always wanted to use this line as a reason why someone would want to bottom to me.

Speaking of brainless video fun....
On Saturday mornings Tambo and I like to watch cartoons online at Adultswim while having breakfast together. It is one of those silly little rituals that we have. Me? I'm all about the Robot Chicken while Tambo loves her some Deathclock. We both agree that "Lucy, Daughter of the Devil" gets better every week. However, they just premiered a new show that we are deeply divided on. A live action parody of the late night horror TV shows of the mid to late 1980s. Tambo hated it. Maybe it was the steady diet of bad horror I grew up on, but I could not stop laughing at this one. You be the judge.
Garth Marengi's Darkplace
Brilliant or bollocks?

Oh and don't forget, the custom rope auction ends tomorrow!


Saturday, November 10, 2007

Is this really happening?

I just got a notice that The Magnetic Fields are going to come to play in Seattle. I love this band, but am a bit wary of the show. The venue seems pretty small for such a well respected and established act. Is this the actual band or one member who has re-formed it with a bunch of studio musicians and will tour it till the inevitable lawsuit (Ala The Doors 2000)? Like they are going to play actual music from 1000 Love Songs and such, right? Not like a spoken word show or interpretive dance piece?

Color me mixed, part exited and part wary.


Friday, November 09, 2007

Location, location, location

A change of location can dramatically change the tone of a scene. While my loft office in the Abbey has been home to so many great memories, sometimes familiarity is not what you want. Tucked away in a dark corner of the building that I share space in, deep in the recesses where tenants are forbidden to go, I have a secret spot. A down a blind passage and behind a fake wall lays a forgotten room. My boot prints are the only thing to mark the layer of dust that covers the bare wood floors. The place would seem untouched it if were not for the shiny re-enforced hard points sunk into the two-foot thick beams that span the ceiling.

This is where I like to go when I want to shake things up. While the “what” I plan to do to her will be the same, my rope and hands crisscrossing her body. The mood will shift dramatically. What was met last time with giggles and squeals will be result in gasps and moans. My body language shifts from warm familiarity to a more aggressive stance as I pace around her naked, suspended form. The smell of her fear and sex will fill the enclosed space and when it is all said and done we will both emerge from the space, caked with dust and smiling.

No worse for wear at the end, save some lovely rope marks on her body, returning to the real world once again.

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Thursday, November 08, 2007

And the final word...
From my shoulder doc yesterday, "You sir, heal faster than a teenager."

That would be a clean bill a health, save the occasional odd twinge, the shoulder is back in business.

Call this chapter closed.


Wednesday, November 07, 2007

You asked and asked, and finally we can deliver!

You kept asking me when I would not just talk about some of these cool steel toys of mine but also carry them as standard stock on our website. Your wait is over, not only do we the only online store feature the original, infamous "Ball End Ass Hook". We have it offer it in three sizes! (small, medium, and OMG!). Don't be fooled by cheap imitations or re-purposed medical tools. These are the toys that have caused all the buzz on your favorite bondage sites. Hand crafted by the same artisan who makes our steel suspension rings (the most used ring in the industry).

It does not stop there, we have all manner of steel toys as well as new suspension hardware in the works. So stay tuned.

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Custom Bavarian Blonde Rope Auction

Recently we made a custom run of our ultra premium Bavarian Blonde rope for a customer. They wanted a “candy apple red” and black rope for a hand fasting ceremony. Due to the limited supply of this rope I normally do not do custom dye runs, but they wanted it and were willing to pay. In order to ensure that we could fill their order I ended up making a bit extra. If you have ever seen our previous offerings in dyed 4 strand then you know this stuff is just way too sexy. Now I suppose I could sit on this stuff, maybe add it to my personal rope kit but at the rate I burn through rope kits it would be a shame. Rather this should be the center piece of someones rope kit who will enjoy it for years to come.

What price do you put on something so unique? Well that, dear readers, is in your hands. I am going to auction off the rope on e-bay.

Here is what you are bidding on.
Three (3) bulk pieces of finished TwistedMonk.Com Exotic German 4 strand rope. (180 total feet)
1 custom, candy apple red 6MM piece 30ft
1 custom, candy apple red 6MM piece 65ft
1 custom, black 6MM piece 85ft

This is bulk rope. If after you win the auction and want it cut down to shorter lengths and whipped that can be done for an extra charge.

Normally for this type of custom rope I will charge up to 4 bucks a foot. Here is your chance to scoop up some sweet rope that I guarantee nobody else has in their toy bag.

Auction ends in one week. Go. Bid. Now!

Monday, November 05, 2007

Polite Dinner Conversation

Overheard at dinner, when a group of us are talking about the sorry state of girl-girl porn when one of us pipes up, a very gay leatherman, "Yeah but that squirting stuff is amazing! I'm like damn, if my girlfriend back in highschool could do that I'd probably have turned out straight!"

Or, "The problem with fisting is not so much getting your hand in as it is when they clamp down, start thrashing about and you can't get your hand out."


Saturday, November 03, 2007

Looking for something cool to do this weekend?

Max is teaching another one of his awesome bondage classes this weekend.
Bondage for Sex, this Sunday at The CSPC /WetSpot in Seattle, WA
I'll be there selling rope before and during the class. So come down, learn some geat stuff, buy some rope and say hello.

Friday, November 02, 2007

In praise of the round bottom

There is something uniquely beautiful about a girl about to be spanked. The site of her bent over at the waist, smooth round ass presented high in the air, face pressed down in a mix of anticipation and fear. I spied such a site the other night while at a party, her pale round bottom perfectly framed in lace panties. I just had to sit back and enjoy the show. She would squirm and moan with each strike of his hand. Her once pale ass, slowly turning a bright red, tomorrow she may have a healthy bruise but for tonight her soft flesh is flush and scarlet. She ducks her head in mock shame as he scolds her for flinching and trying to get away from his blows. Properly chastised she raises her ass again and wiggles it with a devilish grin.

A charming thing, a spanking. They can be so many things, an intimate act of someone laying across your lap and pressing themselves into you as your hand cups the curves of their bottom. Playful as you scold them for being “a bad little boy/girl/botanist/chartered accountant/ whatever” or punishing as those once gentle blows are replaced with long, powerful swings.

Alas, I don’t get to give many spankings these days. Those who seek out my hands, ask me to use them clenched in a fist or grabbing them tightly with my (in)famous rope maker’s grip. However these hands are well suited for the task, should the opportunity present itself, long muscular fingers and a wide firm palm.

My rough, calloused pads resting against the soft, smooth arch of a woman’s round ass, feeling the warmth as it radiated off her flushed skin…. What a charming mental image that does make.


Thursday, November 01, 2007

Out of the Backlog... now back to the madness

Whew, after a couple of really long ass days I think I'm finally out of the production ditch and ready to get back to all the other projects I currently on hold. Alas the joys of trying to change the world, you never really get much of a chance to sit back and coast.

Today's task, finish the marketing update for all the new Twistedmonk.Com wear! We got some very cool new threads to show off, just in time for Christmas. Now the thing I am pondering is just what is the best way to show off these great new items. Sure, go to most any kink event and you will probably see someone sporting our "rope slut" or "trust me" shirts, but I can't help feeling like you want more. In the past I've featured photos of myself and friends in the company colors as well as shots that customers have sent in. Should I do more of this? Less?