Monday, October 27, 2008

The most brilliant and yet so terribly wrong thing I saw this weekend.

This weekend I was fortunate enough to be invited to some very interesting parties. Being this close to Halloween, these were of course costume themed parties. Normally I’m not much of a fan of the whole “dressing up on Halloween thing”, lets face is when you get to dress up in fetish attire whenever you like (and get paid to do so) going out of your way to do it come the end of October just seems to loose its sparkle.

That said I certainly respect a good costume and this weekend I saw some, wow, lets just leave it at “wow”

Yes, the obvious Sarah Palin as a dominatrix complete with a John McCain in a collar and leash was a high light. Then there was my dear friend who just about killed me when she showed up at a party wearing a tiara and a vial of something oddly yellow wedged between her most ample bosoms. When asked who she was, “Oh you know, the Princess and the Pee” was her blasé response. So, so wrong.

However that so does not match what I saw when I popped into check on some friends who were throwing a party in the warehouse. This was to be a quick drive by, share a quick toast to the season and then head home after a long day. Instead they insisted that I stay and help judge to costume contest.

Of the usual assortment of scantly clad, politically incorrect and just plain cool one just killed us all, A note for note perfect rendition of old school Princess Leia from Star Wars, you know the white dress and cinnamon rolls on her head? Yeah that one.

Oh, did I mention that the girl sporting the costume was also black?

When it was her turn to take center stage and show off her costume, what does she do but drop down on one knee and in the most outrageously incorrect southern drawl, belts out “Oh hep me Ooobeee One! Yous Mah only hopes!”

All we could do was stare, jaws agape at the sheer wrongabilty of what we just witnessed, and then with out skipping a beat she leaps up, gives us a wink and shouts out in her crisp, clear voice.


We didn’t even have to vote for a winner as everyone, including the other contestants burst into roaring applause and laughter.