Tuesday, October 21, 2008

She dubed it "The Boss"

yet more steel...
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Remember that new ball end pussy hook I was posted? I asked a sweet girl to give her review of what it was like to be on the receiving end of this 2in steel bad boy.

The Boss

When I was asked to give this new bit of hardware a trial run, I was delighted. I love the asshook from the same creator, and how could a pussy-hook not be just as fun? I did anticipate some differences, though- I really enjoy the rock-solid presence of that steel invader in my ass because I like to be able to rock myself around on it, relishing the exquisite sensitivity of my ass being stretched by that big ball. But when it comes to my pussy, I prefer the action to be much harder and faster than grinding on a ball, so I wondered just how well I’d like the feel of this new hook. Short answer- wow, did I like it!

Warm or cool, this steel toy is a bit intimidating- it’s hard to see anything but that ball. No fear, so in it went- at two inches it’s quite manageable, but there’s no way I was going to be able to forget its unyielding presence. It created a delicious feeling of fullness that was totally different from a nice hard cock; but to my great pleasure, the fullness was centered right on my g-spot. Better and better! The sharp bend in the hook meant that the nice long haft of the hook was right close to my belly, at least when I could hold still, and was nice to hold on to. I could twist that ball around deep in my pussy and focus on my g-spot. The tie points at the top of the haft and at the sharpest bend of the hook means that it could be secured in a range of positions, even more if a pass or two of rope went over the center of the haft.

The genius of the toy comes from its size and presence. It can be vigorously manipulated by your play partner- this had me squirting in no time, it was just exquisite. And guess what happens if a vibrating Hitachi is applied to the outside of this bad boy? Oh yes, the vibrations were carried deep inside me, right onto my g-spot, and had me squirming anew; it literally made my whole world contract right down to my pussy and that hook.

There really aren’t any drawbacks to this toy that I can think of. There may be smaller (or larger) sizes if two inches is too much (or too little). Any discomfort from the position of the hook can easily be remedied by good communication and a little adjustment. And because it’s steel, it should clean easily for a long time.

When I was given a moment to recover now and then, I had to declare the new toy ‘bossy’. Much more than the asshook, this pussy hook was highly assertive; it demanded my attention and literally bossed my body around. I give it a complete thumbs-up, and can’t wait for an excuse to get one of my own.

Note: at this time, this item is available by special order only. $199.99