Tuesday, June 30, 2009

UPDATE: Performing "Blind" at The Little Red Studio's Gold Show This Friday July 3
Where: Little Red Studio Seattle, WA
When: Friday July 3 Aprox 8:30

For those of you who missed Sophia and I doing "Blind" at SEAF this year (read about it here) This incredibly intense and sexy rope bondage performance was considered by most to be the highlight of the event. I'm honored and a bit overwhelmed that the folks at Little Red Studio have asked me to join them this Friday evening and do it again.

We are slated to perform before the show starts, to set the mood and give you something sexy to watch while you enjoy a drink at their newly opened bistro and bar. So come early, have a drink and enjoy.
For more information about the show, check out the LRS website
For tickets go here, but hurry these things sell out quick

(This would be a great place to take date for an intimate evening that could lead to some fireworks of your own)


Sunday, June 28, 2009

Thursday, June 25, 2009

"OMG this is Hemp!?" 4-strand White Hemp 6MM

This one is for all the "Bettie Page" style bondage enthusiasts who have heard all the rave stories about hemp rope but love that iconic look of white rope.

Hand spun in the US. This ultra white hemp rope is like nothing we have seen before. The tactile benefits of hemp with the luxurious softness of bamboo all twisted into this unique 4 strand rope.

Like every piece of rope offered by Twisted Monk, the ends are finished in our "bomb proof" end whipping. We are committed to providing the highest quality product at the best price.

Please note, we are currently accepting pre-orders for this rope and expect to ship it out mid July.


Wednesday, June 24, 2009

More podcast action with Dr. Dick!
Listen to part 2 here. Thrill to me talking about power play roles, my sex work, sexual heros, and more. So, so not work safe.


Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Yes, there are limits even to my vanity

Walked into the Abbey thing morning, my laptop bag over one shoulder and a strange package about the size of a shoe box under my arm. No sooner am I though the door and the minion are asking about the box. They are an observant bunch, my intrepid employees, but lets face it they spend more time around me than pretty much anyone else in my life so they can tell when something is up.
"What ever do you mean?" I ask in my best casual tone.
"You have a Styrofoam box under your arm and a shit eating grin on your face, that is what"
"Why this, " I say with a flourish and I remove the box, "the most awesome thing evar!"
They exchange odd looks to one another and wonder if this is the moment their boss has finally gone off the deep end.
"Um, boss.... that sorta looks like you?"
"That's cuz it IS me!" I exclaim with school boy glee.
"But that... that is a bobble head doll..."
"OF ME! Custom made, even got the eye color right!"
"..and where did you get this?"
"A gift from an intimate friend"
Again, more with the befuddled looks until one stated matter of factly, "Ya know, it does really look a lot like you."
"Especially when the head bobs, you look like that after too much coffee" said another
"Can it be our new boss?" Chimed in one
"No, lets build a shrine to it!"

I think ill call him mini-me on 12seconds.tv
I believe they said that flowers and a prayer box were needed in order for it to be perfect.

A post thought: When I first created this blog, some 5+ years ago I wanted a name that would capture the wonderfully strange and surprising direction my life had taken. Stealing the line from Hedwig and the Angry Inch, "...and the strangest things, seem suddenly routine" pretty much sums it up.

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Monday, June 22, 2009

The Tale of Jezebel and The Head Mistress PT2

Continued from Friday's post.

True to Jezebel’s playful spirit, she arrives on my doorstep in the same outfit that Joan Jett would have worn, should she be sent to Hogwarts. Tall boots, plaid skirt, skimpy top that barely covers her inviting bust line, and pigtails. And yes, you guessed it, a single, bright red apple.

Now, let us pause for a moment and discuss the dynamics of a good scene. The trick is always to find the right pace, that rhythm from an orchestra that only you and your partner can hear as you both sway and move in time together. Jezebel and I dance well together so I was not concerned about us, but what happens when I introduce a third dance partner to the mix? What will happen then?

I really should not have lost a moment’s sleep wondering.

It only took a few minutes for Maggie, taking a commanding stance in the center of the room, to asses the situation and effortlessly join in the fun. It would seem that our dear, rebellious Jezebel was not applying herself in her studies and getting into mischief with the boys (and occasional girls) at her school, “Our Lady of Perpetual Arousal”. And if she expected to continue in her studies then she would require some strict discipline to curb her wicked, mischievous ways. My job was to be the good cop to Maggie’s bad, petting Jezebel and letting her know that while we knew she had potential. She was our “diamond in the rough’, and it pained us to have to punish her, but it was only for her own good. Obviously what were needed were some good, old fashioned spankings.

What followed was something out of “My Fair Lady Meets the Marquis De Sade”. Sure, we have all seen a girl balance a book on her head as she gracefully crosses a room. But naked, on her knees, and with a wicked ruler ready to make contact with her already red bottom the moment the book even made the slightest shift? Don’t get me started on how tricky it is doing all that while one’s mouth is full.

Oh, you want me to tell you that part? Perverts. Let me see… how about I leave you with this charming mental image. As Jezebel struggled to swallow as much of Maggie’s massive strap-on as she could with greedy lust, Maggie calmly puts a hand on her forehead and slows her pace. Explaining in a calm, teacher tone, “No, No my dear. Whores hurry, sluts savor… “


Friday, June 19, 2009

The Tale of Jezebel and The Head Mistress PT1

One of the aspects of sex work that I find I enjoy more and more is the opportunity to create something really memorable for someone. While I pride myself of being a good top and a creator of memorable scenes, being given both the freedom and the resources to draw upon in order to really make something unique for another person? That is just too damn cool for words.

I usually just hint here and there in my twitter feed and elsewhere about my exploits as a male pro, mostly out of respect for my patron’s privacy. But this tale is just too cool not to share. So share it (with the participants consent, of course) I shall.

Jezebel is a handful, a delightful and charming handful. Generous beyond measure in her spirit and desire to be challenged, she is always up for whatever new and devious delights I have in store for her. While the “errant school girl and strict authority figure” game is one of our favorites, I thought perhaps this time we were due for a twist.

It all started with an email. “I just received word from your school, they are very concerned about your illicit behaviors and unlady like manner. The head mistress has requested a meeting this Saturday evening at 8pm.”

Enter “Head Mistress Maggie”. If it were not for the fact that I have had the pleasure of knowing Maggie for many years, I would swear to you that she stepped right out of a Merchant Ivory film. Striking jet black hair pulled severely into a bun, her stern eyes look over the frames of her horn rimmed glasses as she raises an eyebrow with cool menace. When she showed up at my door, her strong curves accented by the severely cut black business cut jacket and skirt she wore, I was almost taken aback by the air of authority she radiated. Of course, it was when she lifted said skirt to reveal a strap-on, the size of which made my eyes bug out, that I knew we were in for an interesting evening.

“Ohhh, I hope she brings me an apple” Maggie giggled with evil glee.


Thursday, June 18, 2009

And.... we finally have the new color up!

A bright blue, for you color geeks it is just a hair brighter than a pantone 308, the name of this color is "Iridium"

As with all color of the month sales, this one is a limited edition so do not delay.


Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Check it out, Part one of my conversation with Dr. Dick (of Sex Advice w/ Dr. Dick) is now live!
Thrills! Chills! Enjoy!


Monday, June 15, 2009

Midori just sent this along my way....

The next Rope Bondage Dojo ® weekend intensive registration is opening
on-line. This does sell out early so mark your calendar! Once the class
fills, there will be a Waiting List to sign up on. Any cancellations are
filled from the Waiting List.

Registration opening date: Thr 18 June, 12pm Pacific Time Zone
Site: http://www.RopeDojo.com
Space Limited: 30 students
Dojo Dates: Aug 1 ­ 2 (10am ­ 6pm both days)
Cost: $350 /singles, $650/pair. (Bring an exercise buddy
and save some $!)
Prerequisite: Willingness for serious rope learning. Ability to
tie your shoe-laces. No experience necessary. However, those with experience
will be appropriately challenged.

Includes: 16+ hours of intensive training from 2 teachers and 2
trained TAs. Emphasizing balanced education focusing on "Heart-Mind-Hand"
approach, covering rope skills, scene managements, psychology, history and
more for both those who tie and those who are tied. Included: Morning nosh,
lunches, afternoon snacks and cool swag.

For more information see the curriculum and FAQ at www.RopeDojo.com

I've had the honor of attending the very first Rope Dojo, Tambo has now been to two of them and with any luck several of the minion will be at this one too. Why? They are really good. Seattle has some great rope instruction, but one of the aspects of the Dojo that I really enjoyed was the "mental" aspect. Lots of places can teach you how to tie a knot safley, for me, the Dojo was where I first learned how to "think" with rope. Plan, flow and create.


Friday, June 12, 2009

Listen to me rant about the joys of starting a kink business!

I'm off to the Abbey today to dip the next color of the month, thanks for the great suggestions BTW.
Greedily enjoying soaking up a few yummy days with Matisse this weekend,we nothing planned save enjoying the afterglow and maybe some decadent french fries. Tomorrow, tomorrow I have evil plans afoot for a sweet girl by the name of Jezebel, how evil you ask? Lets just say I'm calling in a special guest star, "Headmistress Maggie". I figure that if between Maggie and Jezebel that if I can still walk on Sunday it's going to be a day of Dim Sum and a right proper boot polishing. Stay tuned, it should be an eventful couple a days...

But first, gotta go make some rope!

PS, Happy birthday to a a very awesome friend today too. I've said it once and I'll say it again, you my good sir are aces in my book.

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Thursday, June 11, 2009

More Music Thursday

Once again, dear readers, I call upon your vast musical knowledge in the hopes that it will aid me in my quest (and make me look extra cool when trying to impress a certain lovely lady). I'm looking for song suggestions for a mix I am calling "woke up sticky" the mood here are songs that are both sexy, but also dirty. The kinds of tunes that make you want to have drug fueled sex till you pass out from exhaustion or the cops are called in by nervous neighbors.

Song I have so far on the list:
"Be Your Dog" Iggy Pop
"Darling NIkki" Prince
"Sir Psycho Sexy" Red Hot Chili Peppers
"Crazy Bitch" Buck Cherry
"Waiting to Pretend" MGMT
"If Ya Want My Body" Rod Stewart (the original hook up song but the cover by the Buzzcoks rules my world)
... ad pretty much ANYTHING off the Mickey Avalon cd.

I welcome your suggestions.


Monday, June 08, 2009

by request wicked lil bastards

by request wicked lil bastards
Originally uploaded by Mr Monk

nose hooks, available by request only. One mean and nasty addition to you rope bondage kit.

Friday, June 05, 2009

I really should be writing something witty and sexy right now, but my allergies have me clawing out my eyes today. RARRRR!

Thursday, June 04, 2009

A birthday too!
I just gotta also give a shout out to Peanut on her birthday today. For those who have yet to meet my red haired pal, she is one cool chick. Of course I always feel an extra bit of pride when I see her at events, she as come a long way since she showed up in the Abbey one sunny day many years ago and nervously told me that "I think I like rope". Griffin (my very first employee and close friend) and I adopted her that day and did what we could to help ease her entry into the kink world. While sometimes we may have acted a bit like over protective big brothers, she made her own way and carved out her own place in the community.

I think, in many ways, this is one of the parts of being a sexual "other" that the folks on the outside do not get. Most of us, when we make those tentative steps into a subculture like this are doing so alone. With no guide posts or markers along the way it is easy to become either frustrated by it all or worse, jaded to it after interacting with one too many assholes and leaving all together. While far from perfect, I do believe that we try to take care of our own and it is the responsibility of us who are established in our communities to take the time and make the effort to open some doors and help those just starting out.

Remember, we were all once newbies.

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

A great, but VERY not work safe, hair bondage how to from my good pal GrayDancer.

Gray shows off 3 different ties for securing hair, well done. If you like this then you should be checking out his Ropecast, TwistedMonk has been proud to support this great educational and entertaining podcast. Keep up the great work, bro!

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Gender F#cked
“Tension drives the narrative”, I use this line often when I’m geeking out about film with folks. This was about the only really useful learned during my time in film school, well that and “congratulations you just spent a fortune on your degree enjoy your career at Micky Dees.” You see, Tension is what propels out hero to overcome the odds. Tension, that unspoken electricity between two people is what pulls them inexplicably together and ignites passion. It is the tension, that war of your desire to indulge your lusts and your fear of what will happen next when you say “yes” to that desire, that tension is something you can taste. Powerful, sweet and oh so intoxicating.

Lately I’ve been teasing folks via my twitter feed about donning high heels and doing some gender bending play, last Friday I even posted a quick snapshot of me in trying out said heels and garters. So why would a guy who thinks that a tank top and tight jeans make good fetish wear go prancing about in 6 inch platform heels and stockings, let alone post photos? It is that tension thing again. While I do enjoy the occasional pampering and indulgences of things like manicures, salt scrubs and the like I’m sure nobody is going to confuse me as being feminine. Not when I have hands the size of small dogs and more than a dusting of body hair.

Put me in high fem drag and makeup and you are going to not have a very pretty girl on your hands (my hat is off to those transgender folks who do this well). Rather, the sexual tension comes about when you play to your masculine features. Lets face it, I worked damned hard to be able to bench press my body weight so I’m going to show off my shoulders and chest. One only needs to look at images of Eddy Izzard, Gary Newman, David Bowie and of course Tim Curry to see what I mean. The sexual tension comes not from them appearing as a “sissy” in female clothes, but rather in the confidence and swagger that comes from this collision of masculine power, draped in feminine garb.

So the moral of the story? Gender is malleable and can be very sexy when tweaked, but never loose sight of your strengths and play to them. While I’m probably not going to add a pair of heels to my normal attire, I may don them from time to time on special occasion. Oh and one other thing, not sure why but I am one seriously mean and especially sadistic top when in stockings.

A post script, the opposite is also very true as well. I have a powerful attraction to women who blur the lines of gender, embracing the masculine while not denying their femininity.


Monday, June 01, 2009

Matisse and I have a new podcast up for your listening pleasure.