Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Something worth the wait.

The first video from our newly re-launched youtube.com channel "TwistedMonkStudios". (we will be re-adding the how to clips as bandwith allows, but the racier performance stuff will remain on Vimeo.com) A hardware review of the portable bondage frame, The Tetruss 2. As you may recall, we had a near miss with an early version of the product last year while in Vegas. Since then, the manufacture has redesigned the product, addressed the flaws and sent me this for review.

Here is what is most important. I AM NOT AN ENGINEER. Nope, I'm just another guy who does bondage and wants a safe, reliable piece of hardware. This review is not a paid endorsement, rather I took the approach and asked myself "what would I like to know before making a purchase?". So I took a page from the various tech blogs and did had the manufacture send me a unit, same one that would be shipped to you. We fired up the camera and tore into the unit to see what we could find.

So there you have it, almost 13 months later. It is my firmest desire that you, the consumer, get as much information as possible so you can make the best choices.

My final take? With some modification AND understanding the limits of the product I have chosen to add this truss to my arsenal of hardware.

Remember, suspension bondage is dangerous and potentially life threatening. No hardware is 100% fool proof. Always check your gear, use only the best quality equipment and GET PROPER TRAINING before attempting.

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