Thursday, March 31, 2011

Performance Video, "The Ripper"
Performed at Dr. Rocket's Medicine Show, Seattle 3/24

Somebody finally caught the "infamous" Ripper act on film! Unfortunately they caught the performance where I was just recovering from a 3 week cold and my *favorite* straight razor broke. Oh well, that is the magic of live theater!

Seattle Burlesque Presents:La Petite Mort & Twisted Monk Perform "The Ripper" from Omar Taboada on Vimeo.

It goes with out saying, but I will anyways, this is a *performance* and not intended to be an instructional, how-to video. Suspension bondage is dangerous and potentially lethal. Seek proper, in person instruction before attempting. Also, putting rope around someone's neck is a no-no! The rope I am using is a specially made "break away" prop rope. Play safe kids.

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