Thursday, April 22, 2004

And so this blog beings. Hmm where to start? Much like a film, one has to wonder how to properly introduce the characters and provide the needed backstory. Do you go with the tried and true voice over?
And so it came to pass that in the 4th year of the new age, monk did start his blog. Having shunned the coportate life in order to persue his dreams, the artist, pornograher and rope maker set out upon his journey.

Nah.. too epic. Could prove to be disapointing if the rest of the story is not as exiting. So how about breaking the fourth wall, ala Woody Allen?
Ahem. So here I am, me... yeah that's me in the photo. Wow, your reading about me. You must either be really bored at work or are doing research for a lawsuit against me. Either way, here I am. As you can see, I'm a guy in my mid thirties. White, relativly healthy well as healthy as you can be in this culture. However there is this black spot I just found on my ass, it wasn't there last time I looked.... here see for your self... you think I should...

Oh god. Way too neurotic. I want you to be entertained here, not feel like your my therapist. So scratch that. How about I just start in and you can play catch up?


So last night I took T and K out to see the Harvey Danger reunion show. While it was cool to see them live again, I was struck with 2 things. First off, this show was to mark the 10th aniversary of thier first show at the Crocidile. Ya know, I think that show was the LAST time I was at the croc. Second, what is it with bands that breakup, reform and then write new stuff? I mean sure, HD has always writtein very witty and smart lyrics, but the new stuff was all very serious and reather meloncholy. Did they forget that we loved the joyful pop they made when they were first together?

What, are we doomed to all get old and bitter?