Wednesday, May 12, 2004

The following was a conversation over beers today between T, S and myself. Some friends of ours from the swinger world wanted to come to the wetspot and check out how the other half plays.

The names have been changed to protect the innocent, as well as the jokes have been changed to make them actually funny.

M: ok so what is the plan for this weekend? Sandra and Todd want to check out the wetspot this weekend on Friday. Want to go?

T: What is the party on Friday?

M: Erotic City.

T: Bah, if I wanted to watch ugly people have vanilla sex, I’d look in the neighbor’s window.

S: Why don’t we just take them to the party on Saturday?

M: Nah a full blown pan party might be a bit too much for a first visit. Don’t want to scare them off. Besides they will be at New Horizons that night. In fact they invited us to come. Its leather night and they are allowing SM play that night.

T: Oh how quaint, a night of vanilla flogging.

S: Hey at least there will be flogging. Last Erotic City party we went to I would have killed for a good spanking!

T: So let’s just go to the party on Saturday then?

M: But they don’t have any suspension points at New Horizons and I really want to try out this new inverted suspension technique.


T: It is her turn next, you know?

M: I know, why else would I suggest going to the party on Friday?

T: So why don’t we do this? You take S on Friday to the Erotic City party and tie her up. Then we can all go to New Horizons on Saturday and scare the swingers?

M: Well that sounds doable, S?


M: I think we have a plan. I’ll give Sandra a call and...

S: Could I be in a collar on Friday too?