Friday, May 28, 2004

I’m not even supposed to be here today.

Today is the opening day of Shibaricon in Chicago. I was supposed to be there as a vendor, selling my wonderful rope to all those horny rope fanatics. Sadly my supplier flaked out and the last batch from Romania was far below my quality standards. Running out of time and unable to locate good stock I was forced to bow out of the event. Major bummer.

On a brighter note. This weekend I am one of the featured artists at TEASE, an erotic art show at New Horizons, probably the worlds greatest swing club. Selling art to swingers is a dicey proposition. While they are more than happy to plunk down 70 bucks at Lover’s Package for a substandard flogger, ask them to pay that much for a piece of art and they balk. That and kink frightens them. Sure, on leather night they may parade around in chaps and collars, but you should see them turn pale when I show off the photo of cedar where her labia were sewn shut.

Yeah I think I’m going to fuck with their heads this weekend. Show off beautiful photos of awful things. I have some terrific shots of great beauty… peppered with just the right amount of blood and snot. I may not make much money, but it will be fun to see them squirm a bit.

Yeah I'm a bastard.