Wednesday, May 12, 2004

So can someone please explain the link between kinky men and kilts? I swear, every kinky guy I know has one! Hell I own two! But why? I mean I know why I love mine, and yes I do wear it “correctly”. However, the part I don’t seem to get is why this one clothing item is the must have fashion item for kinksters.

Here is an example of what I mean. Last week, T and I had the fortune to be invited to party at Max and Matisse’s home. Now this was a big deal, we are talking a party at the home of 2 of the coolest kinky people in all of Seattle. Hell for that matter, the entire damn state! Now why, dear readers, did they invite me? That is a story for another day. Let’s stick to the topic at hand, shall we?

Looking to rub elbows, and other bits, with the kinky elite I set out to dress to impress. My best black button down, my “Hi, I’m a film maker” glasses, deep green kilt and of course my knee high doc martens. It was the sort of outfit where I could go out on the town and if anyone gave me shit about wearing a skirt, I could kick their ass and still look fabulous.

Honey, the fab 5 aint got nothin on me!

So we get to the party, an amazing home in a neighborhood that I’ll never afford, and the place is packed. We are talking three floors of kinky people, and every other guy in the place was dressed in a kilt. Either our hosts have a secret thing for seeing the pale legs of guys or we all had the same idea. “I’m so hip and kinky; I think I’ll express my individuality by wearing a kilt.”

Of course not ALL the men were in kilts. There was that cute fellow in the leather straight jacket and the chap dressed in a Spandex tuxedo. But I digress, perhaps when they do an update to SM101 Jay Wiseman can add the line, “…and once you have more than three impact toys in your toy collection you must next go and buy yourself a kilt. Nobody will take you serious with out one.”

Do you know what just dawned on me? Perhaps in 10 years we will look at guys in the scene who wear kilts much like we now look at those guys who show up at events in shinny new leather pants and one of those Marlon Brando biker’s hat?

Till such a time, I’m going to keep my kilt and enjoy the hell out of it. However, the next time I get an invite to a party from Max and Matisse’s (oh please oh please oh please, you guys rock!) I think I’ll go with something different.

Any suggestions?