Tuesday, May 04, 2004

The TV show pitch

Good morning ladies and gentlemen, thank you all for coming to today’s presentation. I am sure you will find this well worth your while.

We need a new show this fall. Now not just any show, but a show that will capture that elusive audience… the 18-24 yr old single male. As you know, the industry has constantly lost this audience to console gaming and internet porn. Just when you thought that all was lost, we have found the answer.

A cooking show.

That’s right, I did not stutter. A cooking show.

Not just any cooking show.
A show dedicated to helping men get laid.
A show dedicated to demystifying cooking for men.
I call it, “A guy who can cook will get laid”

Impress a woman in the kitchen and she will impress you in bed. Plain and simple, but men need to be shown how easy it really is. Let’s lift the veil and demystify the kitchen. Teach them how to do more than BBQ! Focus on presentation, short cutting, and “chick friendly food”.

The clincher?

At the end of every show our panel of judges, who happen to also be members of the Swedish bikini team, will rate the meal cooked during the show. Based on how well they like the meal, they will express how far a potential suitor would have gotten. Anything from “yeah that was nice” to “Oh I’m so going to fuck this guy!”