Monday, June 21, 2004

I am literally exhausted from the act of laughing; my entire body feels like the humor has been wrung out of me like water from a sponge. What prey tell did this to me? An evening playing Dungeons and Dragons. Yes I’ll admit it; I’m a nerd who likes to play with dice. However the folks I play with are far, far from the overweight social misfits you usually associate with gaming. No these are people who understand that a game is nothing more than an excuse to gather with friends and enjoy each other’s wit and imagination. Folks that believe that laughter, above all else, is the goal of the night. Our insane schedules do not allow us to get together often, but when we do we are every DM’s nightmare.

Don’t believe me? Here is a rundown of the party:
Crow: A half elf ranger. Admittedly the straight man of the group, but somebody’s got to do it.
Og: A mountain of a brute, a half orc barbarian who’s entire vocabulary consists of 4 words, “Smash”, “Meat”, “Squish” and “Verisimilitude”
Gypsy: The seductress sorcerer who enjoys exposing herself during combat to distract the enemy. Oh she also has a familiar. A snake named “Little Og” that she keeps between her ample bosoms.
Smegma: A cross dressing gnome who, when frustrated, solves every problem by repeatedly stabbing the nearest party member in the leg.
Bjorn Agen: A bard and master of disguise, the only problem is that he can only communicate by singing ABBA songs and plays a didgeridoo.

Granted, we don’t get much real questing done and yes we have run off more than a few other players. Somewhere there is a circle of hell reserved for gamers who do not take the game seriously and we are bound for it. Till then I’ll keep brushing up on my ABBA.