Thursday, June 17, 2004

Never underestimate the value of a good prop.
When added to a costume they can transform the mere actor into a cultural icon. What would Sherlock Holmes be with out is pipe or Indiana Jones with out his fedora? Or more recently, Professor Snape with out his long black cassock. The right prop can be the key to unlocking the character.

These are my "topping goggles", a recent addition to my arsenal of kink. My prop for when I want to play the deviant, evil, rat bastard top. No, these are not the thing to wear when you want to do meditative Japanese rope work. These are what I wear when I'm feeling like playing hard. Usually worn loose around the neck or pushed high on the forehead like a pair of horns, this prop helps me channel my inner bastard. Like what I recently did to T.

She got her first taste of fresh ginger. And here all along we all thought it was Mary Anne Once she was sufficiently tied down and warmed up, a sliver of freshly peeled ginger (at room temperature) was placed on various strategic pink bits.

The results went something like this.
M: Ok, now tell me how that feels.
T: umm... kinda cool.
M: uh huh...
T: Oh yeah, now I can feel it, warmer...warmer...oh yeah warmer...oh, that IS warm...oh crap that's really warm...WHOLY FUCKING CHRIST THAT IS HOT!
M: Oh is that too warm?
M: You want me to take it off?
M: Ok (long pause)
T: Well?!
M: say please...

Don't worry, it's nothing a little fresh cantaloupe and ice cream can't fix.
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