Friday, June 11, 2004

While we are on the topic of music, I thought I might share some recent finds while this batch rope cools.

Here are a few new cd’s that I have been playing in heavy rotation.

Beta Band, Heroes to Zeros.
Like most of you, I discovered this band via the movie “High Fidelity”, in fact “Dry The Rain” is by far my favorite music to do intricate rope work to. This new album is less introspective than previous efforts, yet still wildly creative. They do more in one album than most artists will attempt in a career. The album spans styles ranging from introspective ballads to fierce dance hall anthems.
Currently on my top 5 albums to fuck to.

The Polyphonic Spree. The Beginning Stages Of..
Boy, how do you describe this band? Think “a post millennial up with people”. This is a band that consists of more than 20 members who all wear long Jim Jones style choir robes. A full choir with harp, horns, and a string section. Oh and they rock the house. The album, save one track that is just too “experimental” for my tastes, consists of bright, powerful and hopeful songs about love and happiness. Yes, this does sound hokey but trust me. These guys (and girls) play their souls out and create the kind of music that makes you want to lay in the grass naked with a beautiful woman and soak up the warm sun.

The Streets, Original Pirate Material.
Is it just me or am I the LAST guy on earth to find out about this band? Every time I try and tell someone about this band, they already have seen them in concert! What did I not get the memo?!
Funny, strange, white English thug hip-hop. Yes it is as odd as it sounds. Think Dizzy Rascal meets Emenem but with a much better sense of humor. Oh and a wicked cockney accent too!
Best line “... out ere we call em birds, not bitches…”

Loretta Lynn, Van Lear Rose.
Wow, what can I say? I love Jack White. He could produce an album where hobos farted on a snare drum and it would sound amazing. Add his genius to the legendary talent that is Lynn and you have an album that I never thought I would buy. Oh sure, it is hip to like old country like Johnny Cash, but Loretta Lynn?! Come one, what urban hipster would be caught dead listening to this? Only trouble is that the album is so damn good! A solid cd of deep, rich, heartfelt country tinted blues. The kind of album that makes you want to clap your hands and cry at the same time.