Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Why is it that whenever you see homemade porn photos on the net, they are always taken in somebody’s living room? It is bad enough you have to deal with their crappy interior decor, but there always seems to be a TV on in the background? And it’s always something lame like the news or football?! What, the halftime show was boring so you thought you kill some time before the second half by taking a few snapshots of your girlfriend fucking a bowling pin?!

And while I’m on the topic, guys why in god’s name do you keep taking photos of your cock? Not work safe Do you really think you are going to win over a girl with an extreme close-up of your wedding tackle? “Oh my I just have to fuck this guy; he has such a pretty cock.” There are enough photos of men’s tools our there, we do not need any more thank you! If you MUST take the shot, at least do something creative like dress it in a mini sombrero or maybe a tiny saddle.

Ok, Ok I’ll stop ranting.

Meanwhile in other news, the new rope just cleared customs and will be headed my way in the next 2 days. Dancer and I will be going out on our first “date” tomorrow. I’m planning on putting S in a collar all weekend and doing wonderfully awful things to her.

Some days I have to stop and say “Damn it’s good to be me.”

PS to Galahad. Have a blast this weekend, you earned it. I you need some rope for the event, all you need to do is ask. Just promise me you won’t do something silly like this. work safe