Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Ladies and Gentlemen, the rope is done!
Thanks to the help of my good friends Galahad, silk, Kreig, S and of course the tireless T. It may sound trite but I do, in fact, have the best friends in the world. I could not do half the stuff you read about if it was not for them.

Speaking of reading, yes I know the blog has been rather light this week. No worries lots to talk about next week. Let me see, in the next 10 days I’ll…
… have my first play date with Dancer.
…open a 6 week run as entertainment at a Camlann ren faire.
… post photos from my photo shoot of Mistress Matisse.
…deliver the cords to Bridgett Harrington for her handfasting.
…introduce a new color.
…have dinner with Fetish Diva Midori.

And if I’m lucky, get some sleep too.