Tuesday, July 13, 2004

So this lovely woman is Kitten, girlfriend of my buddy Galahad. Here she is, armed with back up platters of sushi. Dressed in a summer kimono direct from Tokyo, she had never been to the wetspot before but agreed to be part of the show. What a great gal.

Of course the really interesting part of the evening, and there were lots, was when she was introduced to Max and Matisse. At one point I remember looking over and seeing her earnestly discussing who knows what with the two of them all the while unaware that behind them, hard core anal porn was playing on a TV monitor.

Oh and another interesting moment would be when Galahad, after being offered the last piece of spicy tuna, drew his chopsticks from his belt as if they were a dagger. That boy has flourish!

Then there would be the strange moments, like when T, S AND Dancer were all standing there talking... about me...and what they were going to do to me if I won.

Having a complete stranger walk up to me and say, "Nice topping goggles, dude"

And the best part of the night? Well that just HAD to be the victory kisses. First to congratulate me was Dancer, as I wrapped my arms around her lithe body I called out in my best Ash, "Hail to the king, baby."
Next came S who, to the amazement of the poor sap who was trying to chat her up, called out, "ohh kisses! Goodie! Be right back!" She kissed me with that soft longing that makes my knees weak. Lastly, T swaggers up to me and with a smile and wraps her arms around my neck. With a whisper in my ear, "' so proud of you."
She plants the best kiss of all.