Thursday, August 19, 2004

Little boxes of orgasms

So minion was back in the shop today helping me fill orders and prep for Fulsom. Now pardon me for a moment while I freak out…. WHOLLY CRAP ON A POGO STICK! ONLY 5 WEEKS TILL FULSOM! Ok, all better now. Where were we? Oh yes I was telling you about my day with minion.

As we boxed up rope and printed shipping labels, minion made the comment. “You must really like this job.”
“Why do you say that?” I respond.
“Well every time you slap a shipping label on a box you get this funny grin.”
“Oh that.” I had to pause for a moment and think, “Well I guess it is like this, this is not just a box of hemp rope. It is an orgasm waiting to happen.”

Holding up a box and reading the shipping label, “Now… I really have no idea who this Bob Smith from Tulsa is, but I do know that he will be exited when this box arrives. I am fairly certain that he will use the contents of this box with another person and, goddess willing, they will both get off. The world needs more orgasms and it feels very, very good to know that the contents of this little box will help do just that.”

I keep saying that I am, in fact, changing the world on bedroom at a time. Today, another dozen bedrooms down….