Saturday, August 14, 2004

Please, don’t call me “Sir”…

Just a quick note as I wait for Galahad to show up so we can get out to the show site. I don’t exactly know who came up with this, but the habit of bottoms using titles in e-mails is a bit annoying. I hardly know you and you’re already using a title? No, that really is not necessary. I’m guessing someone out there thought it would be a good way to show your submissive nature and respect. Sure, I guess if I was a “Ultimate and True Dominative” this kind of electronic subservience would make my cock hard. Then again, I think we have already established that I’m really not that way.

“Monk” will suffice. That is until we actually find ourselves in a situation where you’re bottoming to me. Then, well then I’d much rather you called me, “an evil rat bastard”.