Sunday, August 15, 2004

A troubling post today I'm afraid. You see, earlier today, while at the show site, I found myself walking along the foot path with a girl, a rather attractive girl actually. She was obviously one of the "serving wenches" from the inn or a new vendor for I had not seen her on site before. As I carried my newly repaired leg armor back from the smith, we chatted and walked. Once we reached an open area, free from prying ears, she paused and said.
"Can I ask you a personal question?"
Hmm, well this is a nice way to start the day. A cute girl in a ren dress complete with flowers in her hair wants to ask me a personal question.
"Sure I guess."
"Now promise you won't take this the wrong way", she added
Hmm... now I'm very intrigued. A pretty girl in a ren dress wants to ask a very personal question.
With my best smile I look at her and say, "No worries, fire away".
"Is Galahad your boyfriend?"
*Blink* *Blink*

Now that was NOT what I had expected.

"Why do you ask?"
"Well the way you two interact... your banter... you're... well you act like lovers."
Laughing now, I assure her that he is not my lover... my heterosexual life partner maybe, but no not lovers.

Sadly this was not the first time someone has asked that question. However the last time it was, "Is he your bitch yet?"

Mayhap we are giving off the wrong impression? Ok, doing the kind of work we do requires a lot of trust in your partner. Ok, we have been working together a lot for this show and the intimacy of the fights we do is pretty obvious. But that should not give folks the wrong impression, now should it? Perhaps it is the way we sit backstage in between shows, singing along to disco on the ipod... in harmony. Yeah that might do it.

Now for the record, Galahad has a wonderful and quite sexy woman in his life.

As for me? Well I guess if I were to start dating a boy, he would be a good choice, but alas there are no plans for adding him to the list of lovers... or is there?

With that I propose we take a page from current events and institute the "Bisexual Threat Level" system. This system will allow you to stay up to date an informed of any potential alternative sexual behavior.

This just in.
Acting on unspecified information and snickering from Tambo, the office of homeland insecurity has raised the current threat level to code yellow or "Turgid" and threatens to raise it again.
Watch this blog for more updates.