Saturday, September 11, 2004

26 things

“You know” I said as I sat back to admire the seductive curve of my lover’s form, “I must say that looking at your ass fills me so many dirty thoughts. Oh the number of things I would love to do to that most perfect ass of yours”
“Really?” She coos “A large number is it?”
“Oh yes, I dare say I can think of at least twenty-six things I would love to do to your ass right now.”
“Oh my, twenty-six is a rather … large number. Do tell”

And so, my dearest lover, twenty-six things I would do to your most perfect no particular order.

1) Admire it from afar for it is a work of art.
2) Caress the soft curve where it meets your leg
3) Bite it
4) Spank it firmly with my open hand
5) Sign my name on it, claiming it as my own.
6) Strike it hard with a rattan cane and admire the marks it leaves
7) Fondle it
8) Grope it
9) Flog it
10) Drip hot wax upon it
11) Press it tight against my body
12) Fuck it (savagely, softly, longingly, deeply, slowly, quickly, and repeatedly)
13) Photograph it in soft light
14) Serve sushi upon it
15) Sculpt it out of clay
16) Piss on it
17) Place my eager mouth between it and lap you up
18) Probe it with all sorts of items that buzz, curve and otherwise make one squirm.
19) Two words, butt plug
20) Bind it in coarse hemp
21) Drape it in silk
22) Blow upon it.
23) Torment it with ice cubes
24) Paint a landscape across its surface with watercolors
25) Spill my seed upon it
26) Fantasize about it non-stop.