Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Along with this electronic journal, I keep a large notebook with me at all times. This diary holds random thoughts, sketches and my many to-do lists, The following is an excerpt as I sat waiting in a salon waiting room.

Random notes on a Saturday afternoon while waiting for a haircut.
I do really love my ipod. Need more Stones and old Beastie Boys, perhaps Paul’s Boutique?

I really should take Tambo out to the movies on Sunday, wonder where Hero is playing?

Jesus tits I am tired. We were out till what, 6 am last night? Damn, only a few hours sleep then it is off to M M’s party.

Last night is why Dancer and I spend most of our nights together wrapped in each other’s arms, a tangle of naked flesh and desire. The gallery opening was good, filled with plenty of sexy art and even more sexy people. While not a huge fan of performance art, one could not help but be aroused by the naked bodies as they danced and posed as art. The paintings and sculpture were terrific, Jeff really has a skill for capturing all the unflattering bits and making them beautiful. Sadly most of that was lost on us. We spent the evening in a near constant state of arousal together. Touching, teasing, kissing, amongst all those sexy people, only the two of us really existed.

When she rose and sauntered off to the bathroom, I watched their eyes. All those pretty boys and girls (Let’s not discriminate here) wanted her. They stared at her with hunger. She knew it too; she probably could feel their gaze as they undressed her mentally. She has that power, that sexual pull about her. As she strode back, tall boots clicking on the hardwood floor she looked right at me. Walking past all those hungry eyes, she cut though their lust like a ship’s bow through water and up to me. Straddling my lap she leaned in and we kissed again, one of many kisses we shared that night.

One girl even offered her body up to us, with soft whispers of desire she made her play. Take her home with us and to share in our desire, be our plaything for the evening. No dice my pretty. We had only one thing on our minds, each other.

One must wonder how many other fantasies we fueled that evening?

Remember to pick up flowers and champagne for tonight.

Don’t forget to finish the decanter for Monday. She wants to film it, be sure the editing gear is ready next week. I wonder what story we will tell from that adventure? Be sure to remember to note the little things. The telling of the ritual, the preparation, the details…pay attention to the details.