Saturday, October 02, 2004

Some days I feel like I’m living in a Mexican soap opera.

Tomorrow I’m attending Max’s rope bondage 101 class. I’ll be selling rope as well as hanging out at the party. Of course I should also point out that in addition to supplying hemp rope to most of the students and having a number of good friends as students, Dancer and her partner will be there. Along with Dancer’s OTHER lover and his date. Dancer’s partner, Sir, will also have HIS secondary there too. Oh and Milan, a cutie that I have been playing with recently, will be there with her date… and if all goes well a certain someone Tambo has a crush on will be there too.

I swear, if this keeps up I’m going to need to make a chart so I can keep it all straight. Of course the cool bit is that everyone mentioned are all super cool so I strongly doubt there will be any “Jerry Springer” moments, rather moments of “Um, so who’s lover are you again?”

Dancer and I are planning on sitting back, smiling and watching the whole thing with bemused delight. Maybe we need name tags?