Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Another crazy ass busy day here at the shop. I fear that as we get closer and closer to Christmas it will only get worse. Right now I am really looking forward to December 25th so I can take the day off. Till then, it’s going to be a lot more long days and later nights.

So I’m in the process of growing back my beard after shaving it for Dancer’s birthday (Oh and thanks for all the cool comments on that) and got to thinking about changing one’s appearance. I have worn some kind of facial hair for the past 10 plus years, so needless to say my chin has not seen the stark light of day in a long time. I was quite shocked to see that thanks in part to all the weight I have lost, I actually *have* a chin. Funny that, last time I saw it, it was hidden under a layer of dot com fat.

The lame part is that even with all the lost weight, I still have this slight pudge under my chin. A wee waddle if you will, something genetic I fear. All the men in my family have one. My personal vanity wants me to go have it removed, that there are ways to deal with this problem. My realistic side wants to clobber my vanity and tell it to shut it’s damn mouth.

So the question I pose to you all is this. We all must have some small thing about our bodies that we do not like. No, that extra 10 pounds does not count! You can work that off. Something that will take more than a good diet to change. If you could change only one small thing about your body, what would it be?

Oh and penis enlargement does not count.