Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Used CD Shopping

Believe it or not, but Tambo and I still go on “vanilla” dates. You know, dinner and a movie and maybe coffee afterwards. Not all our adventures outside the house end up with us donning full suits of armor and having our knees licked by midgets.

Recently we found ourselves suffering from the devastating effects of a truly amazing meal. Dull eyed and smiling we staggered down the sidewalk in search of our next destination... The used record store. Having both worked in a record store in college; these places hold a certain charm for us. The racks and racks of music just waiting to be discovered. The “I may only make 9 bucks an hour, but I’m cooler than you” clerks behind the counter, all combine to make for a rather nostalgic date destination. That and we were seriously jonseing for some new tunes. So we dug through the bins in search of lost classics that we once had on vinyl or for that elusive cd to fill in our collections.

Ever notice how most used CD stores only stock the really crappy cd’s by an artist? I mean they never have a copy of, say, AC-DC’s Back in Black, but they have 150 copies of the Heavy Metal Bluegrass Christmas album.

Anyways, here are a few choice treats we did manage to find.

The Punjab MCs, Beware
I finally found some bhangra! For those of you have yet to discover this unique form of world music, picture this. Take equal parts hip-hop, traditional Middle Eastern belly dance music, and European techno mix with exotic spices and toss in the tandori oven and you have this really fun and unique Indian dance music.

Visqueen, Sunset on Dateland
I have no idea how this CD got into the used section, seeing as how it was released like a month ago, but yeah me. A power trio from Seattle who have been getting some much deserved national attention. If you enjoyed power pop bands like The FastBacks, you are in for a treat. Speaking of Seattle bands, if anyone knows where I can find MP3 copies of Severna Park’s one and only EP I would be in your debt forever. I have searched hi and low for this.

The Incredible Moses Leroy, The Incredible Moses Leroy
Um, hmm, err, how to describe this. Imagine a 10 song cd where every tune sounds like it as made by a different band… and every track is fantastic. I guess you would have to file this under “space pop”? But that would only be touching the surface. That and how can you not fall in love with a love song that has lyrics like
And you are, warm and fuzzy
and you are my Nazi Prom Queen
And you are truly lovely
Let’s paint the town red, like Carrie

What did Tambo pick out you ask? Oh how about a copy of The Partridge Family’s Greatest Hits.
Me: You have got to be fucking kidding.
Tambo: What? No way, these guys are awesome!
Me: No, no and hell no.
Tambo: Oh yeah, now I’m so going to buy it… and play it while we have sex!

And they call *me* the sadistic one?!