Sunday, January 30, 2005

Yes, yes I do in fact tie up boys on occasion. I’ll be honest and say that I don’t do it often and probably should do it more; you know to keep my skills up... not that I’d enjoy it or anything like that, no purely for the academic aspect. Really.

Now pardon me while I deftly attempt to change the subject.

One of the more daunting aspects of moving into the new studio space, aside from having to have thousands of dollars of custom work done and still needing to produce rope while the space is being made ready, was that the space was filthy. Having started out life as a light industrial space in the late 1950’s, I swear that every surface was covered in an inch of grime. It can be pretty daunting, knowing you have so much work to do and yet you can’t even touch any surface with out having your hand covered in filth.

Yesterday I, along with the brave and helpful combo of Galahad and Griffin, pressure washed the space. It took us damn near the entire day and enough water to float a battleship, but we got the place looking fantastic. It was however not with out its moments. At one point, as we were washing down the loft space, we all watched in awe as the walls literally bled black with filth. I think it was Griffin who commented, “Damn, this is just like that scene in Evil Dead”
To which Galahad replied, “yeah, I’m waiting for that eerie voice to go ‘I’ll suck out your souls…’”

Thanks guys, I owe you one.