Wednesday, February 02, 2005

My Libido Demands It
So last night Griffin is over at the house working on some rope. We were just finishing up putting the finishing touches on his custom suspension set when I stepped out to check my e-mail. When I returned a few minutes later Griffin said, “You have a very strange look on your face, what’s up?”
“You are not going to believe who just e-mailed me.” I respond
“I just got propositioned by (Name of extremely sexy mutual acquaintance withheld)”
“Damn, no way! So what are you going to do?”
“Well” I shrug, “yeah she is knock down sexy and I bet she is a hell cat to play with, but there is the whole issue of being over booked as it is. I feel like I have been giving out rain checks for play dates like a dot com giving out stock options. So I dunno…”
Why you selfish bastard
“You heard me, you selfish bastard. How dare you! You and your precious schedule, fuck your schedule. How dare you pass up this opportunity? You owe this to every guy in the scene who lusts after her and knows they don’t stand a chance with her. Every guy who looks at her and wants a slice! Why I dare say that my libido demands it!”

As Griffin rose and squared his shoulders to me I swear you could hear the faint sounds of someone humming the opening of “Glory Glory Hallelujah”

“You know what you are going to do? Why you are going to take that girl and you are going to tie her up and tie her up good. Then, then you are going to fuck her! And then do you know what you are going to do? Why then you are going to blog about it, complete with pictures. That way the rest of us can vicariously enjoy it! And so help me, I'm gonna read it that post, in fact I’m going to make pop corn and eat it while I read that post and then, why then I’m gonna post a comment too!”

I swear at this point the humming has grown to a stirring march.

“As god is my witness, you have to do this and do you know why? Because that is the American way! Life, liberty, and the pursuit of hot, sexy bondage babes! Our forefathers fought the Nazis so you could be free to fornicate with as many hot chicks as possible! Why, why if you don’t fuck her, and fuck her profoundly, preferably up the ass… well then damnit the terrorists have won!”

“Well since you put it that way…”