Saturday, March 19, 2005


I’m compiling a list of regrettable fucks:

Sympathy Fuck. Fucking someone out of generosity, giving them the gift of your sexual attention because they won’t be getting anything else.

Mercy Fuck: See above

Revenge Fuck: Sleeping with an ex’s partner/lover/submissive/friend/parent/etc as a way to hurt them.

Conquest Fuck: Courting, wooing, and fucking someone just to prove you can.

Competition Fuck: Much like the conquest fuck, but your motivations lie not in proving to yourself but to someone else that you can.

Nostalgia Fuck: Can you ever really go back and re-capture that moment after it has past?

Territorial Fuck: “Oh you just slept with my partner? Have fun? Good, now watch and learn as I fuck yours into pudding”

Curiosity Fuck: Not really interested in them beyond wondering what color their nipples turn during sex.

Opportunity Fuck: Not looking for Ms. Right, just Ms Right Now. You will do.

Showboat Fuck: Best done in a crowded swing club with a VERY vocal partner.

Have any to add?