Sunday, March 20, 2005

The Lexicon of Monk

We sort of have our own language around the Abbey and I thought it might be fun to teach you a few of the words and phrases that have found their way into our day to day conversations.

“There is no anvil”
The reminder that the terrible thing you think is going to suddenly catch you off guard and ruin your happiness, much like Wile E Coyote getting slamed by a falling anvil, is all in your head.

Used in conversation:
Griffin: Dude, you are looking a bit pensive today. What’s up?
Monk: Dancer and I are going to have our first ever 48-hour date.
Griffin: That is awesome, you should be psyched. Why am I seeing a marked lack of psych on your part?
Monk: Nervous, this is big for me and I really don’t want to screw it up. I told you what happened the last time I tried to spend a weekend with a lover.
Griffin: Oh, yeah that weekend.
“that weekend” he is referring to would be the weekend I was forced to have the “things have changed between us” conversation while driving along an interstate… she was driving, I was sure we were going to die at any moment
Monk: She is so fucking cool and I love being with her….
Griffin: And you have been sleeping together how long?
Monk: Oh about 5 months.
Griffin: And has there been any drama there?
Monk: well no really, it is fantastic actually.
Griffin: *squints up at the sky as if trying to spot something* No, I don’t see any airplanes marked “Acme” on the side. Nope, no anvils to be seen.
Monk: None?
Griffin: None, just keep telling yourself. “There is no anvil” everything will be fine.