Monday, May 23, 2005

The Shibaricon Road Trip. Day1
9:25am PST Spokane WA.

Spokane, the town where Tambo and I grew up, met, courted, married and eventually fled for the big city. Spokane really has not changed all the much. Sure the strip of downtown where we used to cruse on Saturday nights has been replaced with a huge mall, but the place still has that slightly dry feeling to it. As if god ran out of green crayons when he made this place and over compensated with browns and grey.

There is one part of Spokane I do miss, Dick’s Hamburgers.

A Spokane landmark, this is one of those greasy walk up places where you mingle with kids out in their hot rods, college kids looking for a cheap meal, business folks and the homeless. On a hot summer night, this was the place to be. While in college, Tambo and I would gather up all our spare change and feast on burgers and shakes.

I wonder if they still serve pizza? They had these pepperoni pizzas that were about the size of a paper plate. In fact in order to serve them they took another paper plate on top of the steamy pie and stapled the edges closed. When it got to you it resembled one of those bad UFO props from an old sci-fi movie, save for being spotted with grease.

We are in a Starbucks, checking mail and sipping caffeine. Dicks should open up in about 15 minutes and we will hit it for an early lunch on the way out of town.